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Dangerous Apprehension

June 10, 2012 permalink

A mother dealing with Kingston CAS reports on an incident that placed her son in jeopardy. There have been other cases in which a child died during apprehension. The only reportable case is that of Denver Daniel Parvin, who jumped from the social worker's car during his apprehension.

Donna Lynn Neil Wondering if anyone is aware of rules governing CAS legally kidnapping a child from school. My son is 13 years old and severely ADHD. The CAS worker took a student social worker and went to the school to apprehend my son. As soon as he saw them, and the police car outside, he ran. He was gone for hours, crossing busy streets, running through streams and marshes. My family and I truly believe that he was in danger during this time, due to his state of mind, his disability, and the running. Also during this time, the police and CAS broke into my home three times and searched it, looking for my son. My two older boys asked for a warrant each time, and all three times they were told they didn't need one. So, they kicked in my door, got in my sons' faces, called them liars... at this time, I had been arrested at work, so, didn't pose any kind of threat to my 13 year old. When confronted on this later by numerous family members, the CAS worker told us that if my son had to have been killed while running, that it's too bad CAS isn't responsible. We have been fighting for month to have CAS allow my son to access counseling through Pathways to help him deal with that trauma, and the trauma of being put into a foster home where he sat on the stairs for two days and was deteriorating fast. He was even suicidal, but no one has offered any kind of counseling or help for it.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch