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Foster Hagiography

June 14, 2012 permalink

Today's story from the Belleville Intelligencer tells of a successful foster family. Notice how, clearly with the consent of CAS, the reporter uses real names. The foster parents are Joanne and Randy Coker, their ward is Mikal (no surname). Foster children in other homes are Cody Gourd, Quentin DeGenova, Michael Parsons, Patricia Dunne and Justice Chamberlain. Authors of critical articles about CAS would be facing mega-fines and jail time for naming that many foster parents and children.



Foster parents make a difference

Mikal has found her parents and she intends to make them proud.

The eloquent 15-year-old sported a smile has she told a room of child welfare officials how her stay with the Coker family has transformed her life, so much that she went from being a shy introvert to an outgoing girl and talented singer, months away from a trip to Europe with a local youth chorale.

The endearing youngsters brought her foster father, Randy Coker, to tears when she told him and his wife, Joanne, that “I've found my family and I'm happy with that.”

“I love my parents and think of them as my own parents,” she said.

Mikal's feel-good story echoed the sentiments of several of her peers who received various awards, Thursday evening, at the first annual general meeting for the newly amalgamated Highland Shores Children's Aid Society.

The bubbly Grade 8 student praised her foster parents for providing her with the supports she needs to excel. While admitting that there will be struggles when a foster child moves into a new home, Mikal says, those are all things that can be smoothed out over time, if both parties make an effort to improve

“It can always get better,” she said.

Cody Gourd can attest to that. He will be heading off to Humber College to commence his studies in community and justice this fall.

Gourd was the recipient of the $1,000 Clarke Award, which he says will be helpful for the purchase of books and school supplies. He credits the CAS for fostering his efforts to pursue a higher education in his bid to become a correctional officer.

“This will help me to start doing what I want to do for my future career,” he said.

Quentin DeGenova, 14, hasn't started planning for college yet, but he's showing signs of being on the right path to getting there.

He was applauded for going from a sub-par student to one receiving the Dr. Clare Brant Award for his improved academic performance at St. Theresa's Catholic Secondary School. The Grade 10 student was quick to thank all the “people who have inspired me to do well.”

“I've accomplished something I'm proud of,” he said.

The other award recipients were: William Murray, who received the Evelyn Payton Memorial Achievement Ward. The Wilma McKnight Scholarship was awarded to Michael Parsons, Patricia Dunne and Justice Chamberlain.

Source: Belleville Intelligencer

This article provoked a lively discussion. Aside from persons getting paid, there is little support for CAS.



Rupert Smith

There was a well worded editorial about the CAS and having the Ombudsman to have review of them today by this newspaper, these agencies should have oversight especially in light of the numerous cases of sex offenders in the foster care system across the Province and across Canada.

Good foster homes are not the norm, they are the exception. The rash of cases of pedophile predators has certainly attested to the problems with the care system.

The Ombudsman should have the ability to review and investigate these agencies to the fullest extent of his power, if they are all so wonderful why are all the CAS agencies against this type of oversight? This article is not a reflection of the experiences of most who are fostered by any means, that being said it is good that these teens were not abused as so many are, they found rare people in this as the system is by far unsafe and has a huge amount of abuse in it without question.

Rare cases, and by far not the norm in any way! How about Marin having a real look at what is going on instead of the continual propaganda of the CAS groups which in no way can be trusted considering the way they operate as rogue clubs that are not responsible.

Curtis Kingston

You are certainly right about the Ombudsman oversight and that is something that myself and thousands of other Canadians are asking for but the Liberals don't seam to care!

As people may have noticed, Myself and other advocates have been organizing public rallies in the area to raise awareness on this issue and also to get signatures on a petition for Ombudsman oversight and the last rally that we had in Belleville on May 4th, we received over 500 signatures on that petition but yet again the Intelligencer did not do a fair job of reporting on it and actually attempted to make it look like I myself was the only one there but the EMC felt the need to make it a front page story and unlike the Intelligencer, the EMC did a good, fair job of reporting on the rally and the reasons why we were there.

I was actually at Queens Park with fellow advocates on Tuesday when the latest Ombudsman Bill was introduced and I will say that it is unfortunately obvious that it is going to be an uphill battle with the Liberals. To me, anyone that is against oversight has something to hide and that includes the Private Corporate Children's Aid Societies.

Also as for the article that you were talking about Rupert, it was not from the Intelligencer. That article was from the County Weekly News. I would never expect a corrupt and bias paper such as the Intelligencer to partake in such fair and unbiased reporting. Here is the link to the article I think you where talking about:

Rupert Smith

Yes it was the same editorial that I referenced. Thousands have wanted something done about CAS for decades, the problem has always been the govenment shielding them, the Liberals are corrupt which is so clear from ORNGE, certainly a mess.


I have no issue with having an Ombudsman review all of the CAS Agencies to ensure the children are receiving the best of care. What i have an issue with is the statement that children receiving loving care is an exception and not the norm. I would like to know how you establish this as fact? There are far fewer stories printed of all the good that foster parents provide as that is not good reading material and does not sell papers or make headlines for T.V.

This is very tough emotional draining undertaking for foster families. But most do it for the children and to ensure they have a chance at as a normal child hood as possible and ultimately return to their own families. My wife and i started to foster as our children were both in their teens and we felt we could provide a safe home to those who needed help. We have since adopted ( our first foster child who came to us at 3 weeks old and is now 2) we have had several children come into our care and currently have 2. The 2 that have returned home continue to stay in touch with us and come for dinner occasionally, but more importantly have a much better home life with their parents due to not only having been in care with us, but the work the society did with their parents. This is the part most miss, as with out the society working with the parents , most of which do not have some of the basic skills needed to raise children. So please when making blanket statements realize the impact that they may have on the negative view that you cast on foster parents as a whole. NO CHILD should every have to go through any pain or suffering, but until we as society better help those that need it we will have a need for the CAS and Foster parents, and unless you are actually trying to help in some way by being involved in a positive way then all you are doing is bringing down people that are trying to make a positive difference in some ones life.


You have to understand Curtis Kingston has a self-avowed goal to dismantle the children's aid system in the province as he sees them as for-profit corporations and worse. His every comment, regardless of the event or mention of the CAS in our pages, is to further his beliefs and that of some of his followers that the entire child welfare system in Ontario actually harms children. From that understanding, you will come to see that Mr. Kingston will decry any opinion or reporting on activities by this or any other CAS as skewed or "biased" as supportive of agencies he sees as corrupt and even harmful to children wherever and whenever they bring a child into care.

Rupert Smith

Not affiliated with this person, his comments suggest the system is rife with problems, with that I agree - one hopes an Ombudsman oversight mechanism will be able to fix some of the eggregious problems that are evident with the CAS system.

Curtis Kingston

Chris, please don't get me wrong as I do absolutely feel that there is definitely a need for child protection in Ontario.

And I do in fact believe that there are good CAS workers and foster parents and they do in fact help allot of children that need help.

All I am asking for is proper independent oversight and accountability that they do not have at this time.

What myself and thousands of other informed Canadians want is for the CAS to work in the best interest of children and families and right now there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to support the fact that they are not working in the best interest of children at this point and that needs to change.

The problem is that unlike you Chris, I have not only done my research but I advocate for and help good children and families first hand on a regular basis and I see so many instances where these CAS workers commit criminal offenses just to keep children in their care. This is not because the children need protection but rather to keep their funding going.

I am currently dealing with a case where the CAS apprehended a child just solely because of the fact that the parents where homeschooling the child! This is proven in the court documents. Please explain how that is in the best interest of the child? Or in the case of the foster parent in Picton where the CAS purposely ignored multiple complaints from three girls that were being raped in there care for years because they did not want to look bad. How is this in the best interest of the child?

I have hundreds of stories just like these and this is not a myth Chris this is proven fact.

How come it has been proven by our own government that over 100 innocent children die every year in the "Care" of the CAS and over the past five years, over 500 innocent children have died in their "care" and not one worker, or CAS employee has ever been held accountable for any of these deaths? How is that in the best interest of the child?

Also I don't know why, but for some reason your reporter at the Intelligencer did in fact try to skew what was really going on in the courtroom in Picton recently and as a result caused further harm to the victims. I know this for a fact and so do you.

Here is the link to a victims letter to Chris for those who have not seen it yet:

Chris, I don't know why you feel that I am just some crazy person but I would love to sit down with you and show you the overwhelming amount of evidence to back my claims if in fact you are up for learning the truth. You have my number so please give me a call and I would gladly sit down with you and show you the proof. I may even bring a few victims with me if you would like.

Please be a real editor Chris and learn about and speak the truth just like other media organizations in the area. I will help you learn about the reality of these private corporations if only you would let me attempt to prove it to you.

Rupert Smith

The system at large is a disaster, I would have to agree with him on that. I don't see a conspiracy with the newspaper though as they reported these cases in the first place, far too often they are hidden as they threaten to sue media constantly. As to the severity of this another reason for a seasoned investigator to conduct a thorough probe, the Ombudsman would be immensely qualified for such a measure.

The statistics of the system are not flattering to say the least which has been reported by numerous sources for years, instead of blaming reporters the blame should befall politicians who have left this for decades, the Liberals in particular in Ontario are stubbornly bullish about barring any review, that should be alarming to all including media.

There is certainly corruption in the system. The Ontario audit unearthed a wealth of problems with these agencies a few years ago, quite startling including not doing proper checks, an Ombudsman review should have transpired then if anything. Additionally, this agency is one of many, severe problems are evident with the system at large, and so yes he is right in that this is a systemic problem across several fronts, there should be no reason why it should be left to fester, one hopes something will be done as these cases of abuse are not rare what so ever, and not once do you ever hear of them doing anything to prevent this which is another red flag.

Deeply troubling the entire thing really, and shameful that these children were abused for so many years in the reports about the predators in the foster care system.

Rupert Smith

It is you that has not done any research and I am stating the truth to protect children as my interest is not in the ego of those who foster or any insecurities they have either.

It is well known that foster care is very abusive and that any good homes are exceptionally rare, the outcome of the system is a disaster, the rates of homelessness, the rates of severe mental illness often linked to being moved as well as the abuse one endures in so called care.

It is not your job to assess the parents dealing with CAS either, it is always the same - the parents are bad and the foster strangers good, it is a faulty, archaic and totally skewed system that has tremendous bias towards natural parents. I know the truth and reality of this, the lies that the parents are the problem are just that, it is the foster parents that are far more abusive overall.

And with oversight be sure not as many children will be in care either as these agencies take kids for funding simply as they can.

We don't need any more propaganda or politically correct nonsense and rhetoric, abuse in care is a huge concern here and it must be addressed, if insecure foster carers cannot handle the truth they ought not to be doing this, as those who see this also speak out - the rare see the problems.


What research?? DO you have first hand accounts as i do. I know it must have been the try to be a positive influence in some ones life that really got to you. My guess is you would not know how. That is why you come and spout off like you are an expert. All i have seen you say is CAS and Foster parents are bad but you have no suggestions on how to make anything better but to say they need over sight so go ahead throw more stones and be bitter as that seems to work for you. Again unless you have a positive change to suggest you are part of the problem not part of the solution.

Rupert Smith

Yes I do, and my suggestion if you read it is very clear that these agencies need oversight, your bullying and freaking out is juvenile. The system is a mess no matter the lies, myths and cover-ups that you people try to pull constantly, and anyone honest knows it too so nice try. Once again this is about children you know, not the ever so fragile and insecure feelings of paid CAS agents that answer to no one. And it should be more than curious to the public as to why the CAS agencies fight any level of oversight as well, that these agencies refuse to cooperate, I think that is very telling in this.

In every story reported the comments from those who foster and the system are always a defensive reaction without a care in the world to how to prevent this or the trauma that these kids have endured, it is instead always about the propaganda crockery that the system is just fine the way it is, by far it is not. The system cares for the system not the kids, more than obvious and certainly the crux of the tremendous problem that this system is plagued with.

Not once has the agency told the public how they will prevent this either, it is a sea of hodge podge rhetoric, internal Ministry reviews and a parade of spin doctoring as per usual, quite pitiful frankly.


sick of hearing how foster parents do it because they are paid,they are not paid they are rembursed for expences,like food clothing ect,how many people could afford to help these kids without help doing so.yes there are bad foster parents that get through the cracks same as anywhere else in life.police checks are done every year on fosterparents but lets face it everyone knows pedefiles are very clever at coersing or scaring kids into not talking and a police check doesnt work iff they have never been charged with it. and not all the parents that kids are taken from are good and loving parents,some beat there kids some neglect giving them the nessesities of life, parents are worked with to help them get thier kids back and a lot do .

so unless you are willing to help these kids in your home at your expense dont berate the people that do help them.

the good foster parents do it because they love kids and want to give them a normal life so they can grow up to give thier kids a normal life. yes workers do make mistakes in some of thier judgments but they are only human,its a tough job and not enough manpower due to not enough funding.

what would be a better solution go back to the old days of orphanages,yes that will really help kids know what its like to grow up in a caring loving family.

Rupert Smith

Foster care is not normal and these agencies have no responsibility, foster care has more abuse as well so if you are offended oh too bad. Many do this solely for the money as well and there is little to any monitoring when kids are in care and after they have been auctioned off in adoption no checks at all. The system needs to change, relatives taking care of the kids for one can make a difference instead of stranger care which is highly dangerous and unstable for a child. Your fear tactics do not make any sense as they are not real, the system has far more problems than anything as it is based on an archaic and faulty model that should be dismantled and replaced with a proper way to address this. And people will berate you self-absorbed fosterers too, this is not about you, this should be about kids so grow up.

Frankly your attitude is precisely why the system remains what it is, and having children routinely given to abusers is beyond a few mistakes? Were the workers fired, no of course not they never are either, time for real changes with the Ombudsman probing into them as well as police probes into a few of the most rotten of the lot.

These are systemic problems overall that must be dealt with, having fosterers dictating that the system is fine is intolerable and unethical, an Ombudsman review could cut through the hogwash and nonsense for the sake of these children instead of the ego of the these agencies and the paid shills that they support.

There is obviously a huge problem with this CAS, having three sex offenders abusing children in a few months attests to that, as mentioned this is one of many agencies, they all have problems, some should have been shut down years ago with a police probe as well, this cannot go on any longer, time for this to really about the kids -- not the damage control of CAS or the paid fosterers that work for them, a probe would be more than needed at this point.

Jesse Rollor Coaster

My Name is JESSE LARABEE. I was abused in a group home.

Please view this video here:

Jesse Rollor Coaster

I was abused in a group home for 15 years. The actions of the Respondent was intentional, malicious, and was done with the knowledege that it would cause myself humiliation. Do you want to know MORE about me and my experiences and ect?

Please view the links below:

Jesse Rollor Coaster

To all my brothers and sisters: I know your viewing this video. I know your scared. Contact me. We can be scared together and fight together.

To all the former CAS workers: You better get very used to seeing this sexy face. LOL I am going to be in your life for a very long time. No more silence from me. Will I lose my claims? There is always the chance i could lose because of our corrupt court system...... but I would rather talk about the abuse than just shut up.

Its like 2pac said "I'd rather die like a man, than live like a coward"

PS: Please pass this video on and share it with others. Why? So others can view the good information.

Jesse Rollor Coaster

Listen to JESSE LARABEE reporting abuse to CBC news here........

Curtis Kingston

Thank you Intelligencer for making sure to always do your part by making sure that there is a massive amount of good propaganda for the Children's Aid Society just as the truth is starting to seep out and they start to look bad in the eyes of the uninformed public.

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the idea of child protection in Ontario and I do believe that there are allot of good foster parents and CAS workers out there but unfortunately because of the way they are setup and the lack of independent oversight, these good stories and good people are rare in the system.

The Children's Aid Societies in Ontario are Private Corporations that receive their funding based on the number of children that they apprehend and place into foster homes. because of this flawed funding structure, the CAS regularly attempts to apprehend children form good homes and place them in homes where the do not care what happens to the children because they are already getting paid!

All I am asking for is proper accountability and oversight for these organizations so that these good stories will be the majority of cases unlike how it is right now.

I also am not sure why the Intelligencer feels the need to never talk about the bad stories even though they are in fact the majority and also why when there is a bad case, the Intelligencer purposely skews the truth to make the CAS look as good as possible.

I highly encourage everyone to look at the link below as it has a letter that was written to the Intelligencer by a young woman that was raped inside a foster home and the CAS tried to cover it up instead of helping and while the trial was going on the Intelligencer lied about the whole case and caused the victims more harm then good.

Please look at the letter to see the truth:

Rupert Smith

If you want change get rid of the Liberals, they are corrupt, dirty criminals that are barring Marin from investigating, they must go.

Jen Dhana Clarke

CAS is taking newborns from mothers once they are born at the hospital. Not by choice of any of the parents; solely for fostering/adoption. For every adoption they the CAS receive money. These babies are taken because the parents are inexperienced/young/ & or they grew up in Foster Care. Every parent is inexperienced and a lot of children had parents that were young.

More children die and or abused in foster care vs. children being brought up in their own familial home. Not all foster homes are bad, but the good one are an exception not the norm. Also there are children that shouldn't be in their homes due to abuse but again that is an exception not the norm.

We need the Ombudsman to look into all the abuse, abductions by CAS workers. We need to have these workers held accountable for their actions.

Children; usually through divorce are being placed with parent who has the money to fight in court and that parent is usually the abuser and is stopping a loving parent from having a relationship with their child. There is a lot of false allegations, it's up to registered workers to prove these allegations false but instead a lot of workers are not registered and take the child prior to proof of allegations.

Thousands of parents are fighting to have the Ombudsman have oversight over the MUSH sector which CAS is a part. We need to make the workers who place these children in these homes held accountable, make CAS (which is not a government agency) a not for profit agency.

Did you know that a lot of the money, toys etc donated do NOT make it to the foster kids. The social workers take them. Sad as a lot of the families can't provide these things and the kids have to go without. To me that is neglect and its the CAS's fault. That in it self is abuse.

Rupert Smith

Well said, the system is an unholy disaster and has been for decades, in fact since it started as it was never based on child abuse in the first place, it was based on eugenics.

Look for example at what they have done to the native communities, CAS has stolen their children for years, and mostly with horrific results as well, lots of abuse in foster care and adoption far more than in natural families just as you say. These agencies are also allowed to adopt themselves, thus they are taking kids for themselves and their fellow employees which is nothing short of criminal and another area to probe.

Stealing babies directly from the hospitals is not new, they have been doing this since they were started, they are aggressive right now as the Liberals have directed them to capture children for Liberal adoption, this is the fault of that party entirely, and they know what is going on too, they want this to happen.

An election may be called as Dalton is having a tantrum right now, he is used to being a bully and a dictator and the PCs and NDP are speaking out.

If we have an election it would help as the Liberals are corrupt and only protecting these agencies. The Liberals are a poison that must go if you want any level of change in Ontario, the more people that fight to get rid of them the better.

They are the direct fault of barricading any Ombudsman oversight as they want a full scale robbery for adoption purposes for votes, they must go. The best thing anyone can do is to vote them out if we have an election, they are corrupt, filthy criminals, ORNGE is not the last scandal.

It is sad that children are under the care of criminals as that is what the Liberals are.

Curtis Kingston

And the true opinion of Rupert comes out lol.

When I started as a full time volunteer advocate for children and families dealing with CAS and child protection matters via Canada Court Watch, I was very calm and watered down when I commented on this site and I still am on other news sites because I want to continue a good relationship with the other media to help the cause.

But weather or not you subscribe to this idea, after a while, I noticed and am now convinced that the Intelligencer for reasons unknown to me, weather it be that they are just afraid to speak the truth or that they actually have incentives to suppress the truth, they are indeed censoring the news and not giving the public the truth that they deserve.

That is why I am speaking out every time that I can because the public needs to know what is really going on.

Kimberley Edwards

CAS are abousing and even killing our children while in fostercare ! The pubilc are not hearing this because there is no oversite ! Our Liberal Government know what is happening but are hiding the true facts so there for the Liberal Government are corrupted also ! We the people,have our children stolen form good families and put up on forced adoption for profit ! We the people need to have an Ombudsman so our children can be safe!

Rupert Smith

Totally agree, CAS has always stolen children for adoption, they are corrupt.

Rupert Smith

The above documentary may help media to understand the problems that need to be addressed.

Source: Belleville Intelligencer