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Girl Apprehended

May 29, 2012 permalink

Lyonessa Boyd

A desperate mother pleads for help in getting her baby girl, Lyonessa Boyd.

Katelyn ER Woodruff I am Looking to the group for help. My CAS worker came on Tuesday flashed me a warrant and hid behind four large cops and took my beloved Lyonessa. My mother has gotten a lawyer Kathy Baker but I feel me and my husband need one too. Can anyone recommend a Lawyer to help us fight. I am distraught but trying to keep myself together. Any advice. I don't even know why she took them but we are trying to find out. We are on ODSP and would need to qualify for legal aid.

Source: Facebook, Stop CAS ...

A later posting in the same forum gives more details of the past family involvement with CAS.



Katelyn ER Woodruff OK. There was an appointment from CAS about the 18th of this month. Our CAS Worker Kelly Mosey had ordered unscheduled visits. I remembering they do not have the right without so I told her she cannot do so without notice. She blatantly told me that if I didn't I was being uncooperative. My husband out of sheer frustration said we have bent over backwards and we are not doing no more. Get out or I will call the police! I joined along side my husband. My daughter was at daycare. She left where my husband went to get our daughter to see her in the hall crying on her cell phone. She came back when we had our daughter. I went from crying to happy to see my daughter. (I have bipolar with scizoaffective disorder am medicated and attending appointments) Then Friday she tried to force her way through my door as mentioned, my daughter was at daycare again and my brother denied her entry and then went to her daycare to check on her. My mom picked her up she saw Kelly but Kelly said nothing to my mom and let her go. Monday she came at 2 pm and flashed a warrant and hid behind 4 big officers and then grabbed Lyonessa and and ran out the door. The police had to stop my husband from jumping the balcony and was stopped. The police officers said to John that she was going to my mom's and then had to calm me down cause I fell twice and was crying and trembling asking WHY???? SO as it stands I still have not heard from my worker as of why. Neither has my mother and I am really upset cause I don't understand.

Source: Facebook, Stop CAS ...

Addendum: An open Facebook group Get Lyonessa Home! has a letter to their MPP (MS-Word).

Addendum: At the first court hearing on May 31, Lyonessa was left in foster care pending a background check of Katelyn's mother. CAS was dismayed to hear that Katelyn was in contact with Canada Court Watch.

Addendum: Comments six days after apprehension.



Katelyn ER Woodruff Lyonessa has gone from 150 words and the ability to make sentences to maybe 5 words max and my CAS worker was trying to make excuses.

She came into the visit with a soaked diaper I changed her fine.

What concerns me more is she isn't talking much and she freaked out when the foster mom came near.

She slapped the worker across the face.

Source: Facebook

A month later Lyonessa is going to her grandma.

Katelyn ER Woodruff update we got lyonessa into my moms care

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch