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Lavigueur Exonerated

May 18, 2012 permalink

The sexual misconduct allegations against foster parent Maurice Lavigueur have come to court. The preliminary hearing morphed into a trial when it appeared there was no evidence supporting the charges, and all charges were dismissed.

In view of the court outcome, and the comment by Pat Niagara after the Welland Tribune article, Mr Lavigueur should be treated as a man falsely accused. (CAS is good at that, even with their own allies!). Fixcas has removed two parody posters of Mr Lavigueur from this website. If you made a copy in another public place, please remove it. Fixcas apologizes to Mr Lavigueur for holding him up to ridicule for a year.



Charges against foster parent dismissed

Maurice Lavigueur
Maurice Lavigueur


All criminal charges laid against a longtime Welland foster parent for Family and Children’s Services Niagara have been dismissed.

Maurice Lavigueur was arrested and charged on Jan. 6, 2011, with two counts each of sexual assault, sexual exploitation and juvenile prostitution.

Less than a week later, police laid additional single counts of sexual assault, sexual exploitation and juvenile prostitution after a second complainant came forward.

The matter was resolved May 4 in a St. Catharines courtroom and all charges against Lavigueur were dismissed.

What began as a preliminary hearing for the case was converted to a trial and the case then proceeded on a trial basis, said Lavigueur’s St. Catharines attorney, Mike Delgobbo.

Mid-way through the second complainant’s allegations, the Crown asked the court to dismiss the charges, Delgobbo said.

“He’s very relieved that it’s over,” he said on behalf of his client.

A peace bond was issued, with Lavigueur agreeing not to have any contact with the two complainants.

“That is not an acknowledgement of the offences,” Delgobbo said, adding that was a fact added on record during the court proceedings.

Also put on record, Delgobbo said, was evidence that would have disputed the claims had the trial continued, including at least four character witnesses.

“He was in a horrible position, very vulnerable,” Delgobbo said of his client, who acted as a foster parent for many years, welcoming many children into his home.

According to a Tribune story published in 2008, Lavigueur and wife Lynne have been foster parents to nearly 90 children over the past 20 years in their Welland home.

In 2008, the Lavigueur family was presented a special certificate and plaque from FACS for being outstanding foster parents.

The Lavigueurs even acted as instructors for future foster parents, Delgobbo said.

“He had a lot of support, extraordinary support from his previous foster kids,” Delgobbo said of his client.

“That reflects the type of person he is, in my opinion.”

According to Niagara Regional Police, charges will not be laid against the complainants.

No information on the complainants has been released.

Source: Welland Tribune

Pat Niagara ★ The man above in the photo "Maurice Lavigueur" of Welland, Ontario may vary well be a INNOCENT MAN. This man is from our area, both Bobbie and I have run into a number of kids who had Maurice as a foster parent and all of these kids had noting but good things to say about Maurice. Because of that we have stopped using Maurice's "I AM YOUR CHILDREN'S AID" poster at our rallies because of the info we have uncovered. ★

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch