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Forgery? Who Cares?

May 23, 2012 permalink

Here is more on the lawsuit by Peter Evans against the CAS and OPP. An earlier criminal case, since dismissed, against Mr Evans began with a letter from a child eventually found to be a forgery. The CAS and OPP are showing no interest in finding out who is responsible for that forgery.



Man suing CAS, OPP and local PSB

TRENTON - The man suing the local Children’s Aid Society and the OPP is now demanding a police investigation into a letter he claims was the basis of sexual assault charges.

Peter Evans is suing both agencies and says he’s being haunted by the CAS and OPP after being acquitted on a series of charges that alleged the assault of a young girl.

Details of the case are laid out in a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed with the Superior Court of Justice in Cobourg earlier this month.

The suit states a hand written note was discovered suggesting a child wanted to share a story regarding past sexual abuse.

Evans was arrested in July, 2009 and charged with criminal harassment, breaking and entering, assault, sexual assault and sexual interference.

Court proceedings began at Provincial Court in Belleville on April 12, 2010. According to the suit, a judge instructed the Crown drop the case as testimony of the alleged victim and her mother “were not credible.”

But the case went ahead in Superior Court of Justice in October, 2011.

During the trial questions were raised about the authenticity of the child’s note.

The court concluded the child had not written the letter. Testimony revealed the child’s mother had lied to authorities.

Less than two weeks later, Evans was acquitted on all charges.

Evans named three individuals in his lawsuit — a teacher, CAS and an OPP constable.

Evans has demanded the OPP launch a criminal investigation into who authored the letter. He sent the request to the OPP’s Professional Standards Bureau. The bureau has referred the matter to the Ontario Police Independent Review Director (OPIRD).

At Monday’s Quinte West Police Service Board meeting, Evans demanded answers as to why his complaint was passed directory to the review board.

“This is a denial of services by the OPP. I’m here to get an investigation,” said Evans. “The OPIRD does not have the power to charge. I’m asking for a police investigation. It was part of the disclosure given to me.”

Evans wasn’t getting many answers.

PSB chairman Jim Alyea said now that the matter is being litigated, the board could not comment. “We’ve been advised not to discuss this,” said Alyea.

Evans wasn't listening.

"This is not under litigation. That was already proven in court," he said. "I bet there's not another case where a request for a criminal investigation has gone directly to the OPIRD."

Evans, who is representing himself, has named the Highland Shores Children’s Aid Society (formerly Hastings Children’s Aid Society) and OPP in the suit. Also named are Trenton Christian School, the Quinte West Police Services Board, the Attorney General, and the Minister of Youth and Children Services.

Evans is alleging the CAS is using “criminal extortion” in order to prevent him from being with his common-law wife and two step children, following his acquittal back in October, 2011.

None of the allegations in the lawsuit have been proven in court.

The suit alleges a CAS worker told Evans he had a long history of sexual misconduct towards children. It’s also alleged in the suit the CAS worker demanded the removal of Evans' common law wife and two children from their home.

The suit alleges the CAS worker failed to accept the Superior Court ruling. Evans claims the CAS worker told him the CAS is “higher than the criminal court.”

Evans said in order to protect the two children from embarrassment, he complied with the request.

Source: Belleville Intelligencer

Addendum: Here is the Statement of Claim provided by Mr Evans.

Addendum: More news on Peter Evans from November.



Legal battle between Quinte West man and O.P.P.

The man suing the O.P.P. and the Highland shore Children’s Aid Society stormed out of a recent Quinte West Police Board meeting.

Peter Evans became angry after seeing a review, by the O.P.P., of the allegations against the police officers and other officials.

The O.P.P. concluded that Evans allegations against them and others, regarding a handwritten note, were unfounded due to lack of evidence.

Meanwhile, Evans, who’d been acquitted of break and enter and sexual assault charges last year, says he’ll be filing a statement of claim within the next couple of weeks.

Evans is upping the claim to $12.5 million from $8.5 million, and along with the O.P.P. and Children’s Aid, and others, is suing Quinte West Inspector Mike Reynolds as well.

Source: Quinte News