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Father Chases Social Workers

March 3, 2012 permalink

Rather Joseph Rodriguez was arrested and released. But when social workers started loading his children into their car he lost it and attacked the social workers with his minivan. Notice that it is not criminal charges that drive men crazy, but child stealers.



Rancho Cordova man arrested after high speed chase

Joseph Rodriguez

SACRAMENTO, CA - A man was arrested Friday after leading Sacramento County sheriff's deputies on a high speed chase when he fled from his home in Rancho Cordova.

Child protective services went to 42-year-old Joseph Rodriguez's home on the 10,500 block of Mills Acre Circle, with the assistance of deputies, to do a welfare check on the juveniles there, Deputy Jason Ramos said.

Rodriguez was arrested Thursday for allegedly hitting his 19-year-old son with a baseball bat, but was released Friday.

When the suspect saw deputies arrive, he got into his minivan and sped off, running through multiple red lights, Ramos said.

Rodriguez lead deputies onto westbound Highway 50 at 80 mph, while driving in and out of traffic and on the shoulder.

Ramos said deputies used a pit maneuver at Broadway and Stockton to stop the vehicle then took Rodriguez out of the minivan at gunpoint.

Source: KXTV News10 Sacramento

Man Arrested After Chase Down Highway 50

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – A man who was arrested two days earlier for taking a bat to his 19-year-old son was back behind bars Friday after leading police and sheriff’s deputies on a high-speed chase down Highway 50.

Joseph Angel Rodriguez, 42, arrived at his home in Rancho Cordova on Friday just as Child Protective Services agents were putting his children in a car after conducting a welfare check, according to Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Deputy Jason Ramos.

“He started getting belligerent and acting up,” Ramos said.

Deputies who had accompanied CPS to the residence advised CPS to leave with the kids, at which Rodriguez jumped back into his car, which he had left running in the middle of the street, Ramos said, and sped after the CPS vehicle.

Deputies followed after Rodriguez and were joined by Rancho Cordova police. Eventually, Rodriguez exited Highway 50 at Stockton Boulevard and was boxed in at Broadway and Stockton, but not before he reportedly rammed into a few patrol cars. He was arrested at gunpoint and booked into the Sacramento County Mail Jail on $325,000 bail.

Charges include assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer (for driving his vehicle at patrol cars during the chase), felony evasion and committing a crime while out on bail.

Source: KOVR CBS13 Sacramento