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Death of Matthew Reid

April 27, 2012 permalink

Matthew David Reid, age 3, died in CAS care in Welland Ontario on December 15, 2005. A new video recreates his death at the hands of a thirteen-year-old foster girl, named as Jane Jennie Ewing. Her mental deficit was not as great as first reported, since she had the capacity to read and write and to understand the criminal nature of her act. Her problems stemmed entirely from her upbringing in foster care, starting at age two months.

Pat Niagara extracted the segment on Matthew Reid from a Discovery Channel documentary. It is available on YouTube or our local copy (mp4). According to Canada Court Watch investigators, the view of Jennie's mother as a drug-abusing alcoholic is not factual. Jennie has been released and is now living with her dad (or stepdad) in Northern Ontario. Previous stories: [1] [2] [3] [4].

Published on Apr 26, 2012 by CAS ONTARIO

★Viewer Discretion Advised★

In December 2005 young Matthew Reid was in foster care in Welland, Ontario through FACS Niagara when a young girl was placed in the home. That night the young girl killed Matthew. This re-enactment depicts approximately what happened. Due to the inadequacy of FACS Niagara a young boy is dead and a young girl's life altered forever.To this day FACS Niagara and the worker have not been held accountable

Source: YouTube