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New Logo

March 24, 2012 permalink

Highland Shores Children’s Aid logo

The merger of the Northumberland and Hastings children’s aid societies has created a new name, Highland Shores Children’s Aid, and a new logo. Link for high resolution copy.

The new organization will be respectful of the wishes of parents and children, and will never separate them against their will. When problems develop between husbands and wives, social workers will assist them to resolve their differences so that family disruption will not ensue. Social workers will be true to their word and will be truthful in all court filings and will always follow through on promises to families. These new policies will commence on the date of the merger, April 1.



New CAS has new look

The Northumberland and Hastings Children’s Aid Societies have adopted a new visual identity to go along with the merged organization's new name.

The Children’s Aid Society of Northumberland and Hastings Children’s Aid Society have released a new logo for Highland Shores Children’s Aid — its new name following the amalgamation of the two agencies, effective April 1.

The name “reflects the geographies of the two societies within the Hastings highlands and hills of Northumberland and along the shores of the Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario,” according to a statement by the CAS.

“Protect, care, empower” are the words that will embody the new organization's philosophy and goals, said the agency.

The orange, green and white logo incorporates colours from the existing logos of the two societies and incorporates the key words for the new organization.

The three leaf motif further emphasizes the three key words, as well as signifying the growth and development of the new society that will now serve children, youth and their families in the counties of Hastings and Northumberland.

In addition to releasing the new logo, a new website for Highland Shores Children’s Aid, will be launched on April 1 under the domain name

Source: Belleville Intelligencer

Addendum: A link to their website

Addendum: Puffery, showing executive director Mark Kartusch.



New Children's Aid Society open in Cobourg

Northumberland and Hastings CAS team up and launch the new Highland Shores Children's Aid

Mark Kartusch
Highland Shores Children's Aid Society. COBOURG -- Mark Kartusch, executive director of Highland Shores Children's Aid Society, celebrated the new children's aid society on April 2. Highland is the merger of the Children’s Aid Society of Northumberland and the Hastings Children’s Aid Society. April 2, 2012.
Karen Longwell / Northumberland News

COBOURG -- Protect, care, and empower -- that's the motto of Cobourg's new Highland Shores Children's Aid. And as of April 2, it's officially ready to do just that.

As the Children's Aid Society of Northumberland and Hastings team up, the new Highland Shores CAS will provide care for kids, youth, and families within both counties.

"Thanks to all the staff, the hard work they do, and the planning. They truly made today come together," said Mark Kartusch, Highland Shores CAS executive at a celebratory ribbon cutting April 2.

It shouldn't matter where anyone lives; everyone is entitled to a little help and support here and there, Mr. Kartusch added.

From April 2010 to March 2011, the Northumberland and Hastings CAS combined helped nearly 2,000 families.

As Northumberland and Hastings CAS team up, the end goal is to continue to provide the services that can help children and families grow and succeed, and make services more available and more consistent.

Youth programs and services will remain the same, but organizations will be working closer together.

"We look forward to continuing to provide support for our kids and families," said Mr. Kartusch.

Anyone interested in learning more about Highland Shores Children's Aid, or about the services offered, can visit the new office at 1005 Burnham St. or visit the new website at

Source: Northumberland News

Addendum: Three years later Chris Carter obtained the Amalgamation Agreement (pdf).