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Questions for Our Local Children Aid Society

April 2, 2012 permalink

Enclosed is a letter to the editor found on the website of the Belleville Intelligencer.



Questions for Our Local Children Aid Society

Questions for our local Children Aid Society

I am writing this letter as one of many concerned members of the public that feels that the information that I am about to share with you is deeply troubling and it is also extremely important for every member of the public and most importantly the parents to be warned about.

This is concerning the unlawful and immoral practices used by our local Children’s Aid Society on a regular basis.

As we all know, two of our local Children’s Aid Societies have recently amalgamated and are now running under the name of the Highland Shores Children’s Aid Society and allot of these questions are geared towards the former Hastings Children’s Aid Society but with that being said, these questions are still valid towards not only the new Highland Shores Children’s Aid Society but also to every other Children’s Aid Society in the Province of Ontario as most of the issues that happen in our local area are also happening all across the province.

Unfortunately the common misconception of the Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario is that this corporation is here to protect children and help families in need. Another misconception is that the Society will only take children away from a home if there is a real threat to the child. This is simply untrue! The Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario grossly abuse their godlike powers and in most cases the children they apprehend are from good loving families with no need of protection. They do however in many cases leave children in bad homes and do nothing about them! There are many family & OCL lawyers that say that in over a course of ten years they can count on one hand the amount of times that they have seen CAS remove children from a home with Just Cause.

Here is a list of questions for the Highland Shores Children’s Aid Society that require some serious consideration and attention because families are being ripped apart by the Society every day for no reason other than to help with their corporation’s bottom line and this is immoral and completely unacceptable.

I also have to let you know that the questions in this letter may seem outrageous or you may not believe them at all, however every one of these questions are valid and require answers so that we can all live without fear of having our children kidnapped from our homes for no other reason than the profit of the Children’s Aid Society which is a private corporation and has absolutely no oversight from our government.

For more information on the reality of the Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario, please visit the following websites:

Here are the Questions:

Why does the Children’s Aid Society allocate the majority of their resources into the apprehension of children from good loving families and once they have done so, the Children’s Aid Society focuses entirely for these loving children to remain in care rather than to consider the best interest of the child?

Does this have something to do with trying to justify the massive amounts of funding that the Children’s Aid Society receives from the government each year? Our government pays an amount per day to the Children’s Aid Society for every day a child is in their custody!

In 2012 Hastings Children’s Aid Society alone was expected to receive 42.6 million of our tax dollars for their services!

Is this also a reason why the Hastings Children’s Aid Society has an open file on over 40% of all families living in the region?

Does this mean that HCAS believes that four in every ten families in the area have bad parents?

Why is it that the Children’s Aid Society does not promote the fact that they are NOT a government agency of any kind and neither is any of the other Children`s Aid Societies across Ontario?

Is this because CAS feels that if people knew that they were a private corporation, maybe the public would look into them more seriously?

Why is it that the Children’s Aid Society feels that once a child is in their care, that it is then no longer a priority to make sure that the child is in a safe and loving environment at the foster home?

How come it is more likely for children in the Children’s Aid Society’s care to become depressed and at risk of committing suicide than children outside of their care?

Is this because the children feel that they need to be with their family and they get depressed because of the Children’s Aid Society’s efforts to stop this from happening?

Or could this be because the majority of foster parents are only taking care of children for the financial incentives and not because they want what is in the best interest of the child?

Do the foster parents even understand their own rights and legal risks of being a foster parent?

Why is it common Children’s Aid Society practice to put children in their care on dangerous drugs, often without parental consent? This is including but not limited to psychotropic drugs and even promoting the highly controversial and proven deadly Gardisil Vaccine!

Why is it common practice for foster parents in Hastings to force children to eat microwavable tv dinners and deny children nutritional meals, even if the children ask for them?

Why is it HCAS policy is to only allow a minimal clothing allowance of $60 per month, per child even though Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario can get up to $300 per day per child in their care?

Is this because it is more important to make sure that the staff and directors of the society can keep their extremely high salaries than putting clothes on the backs of children in their care?

Does the public know that in 2010 alone Hastings Children’s Aid Society felt it necessary to line the pockets of all of their senior staff with at least a $100,000.00 salary, including Mark Kartusch with a salary of $126,652.40 and Len Kennedy with a Salary of $162,736.56?

Shouldn’t the family unit be more important than corporate profits and personal salaries?

Why is it common practice for foster homes in Hastings to lock children up like they are in a prison by locking bedroom doors and boarding up or sometimes even putting bars on the windows?

Would this be because the Children’s Aid Society is afraid to let the children have the opportunity to escape the horrors of the foster homes and try to get back to their loving families?

Or is it because if there is a fire in the home, the children would be unable to escape and the Children’s Aid Society would now be able to collect on the lucrative life insurance policies that they take out on the children as soon as they went into the care of the CAS?

Maybe these life insurance policies are why Children`s Aid Societies all across Ontario allow child abusers and murderers become foster parents?

Did you know that it is statistically safer for a person to join our military and fight for our country in Afghanistan than it is to be a child in the “Care” of the Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario?

Did you know that on average every year in Ontario alone; over 100 innocent children die in the direct care of Children’s Aid Societies?

Why is this allowed to continue?

How come the HCAS and all other Societies use the line, “In the best interest of the child” religiously but in fact the Society violates almost every definition of this sentence according to the Child & Family Services Act on a regular basis when the children are in the Society’s care?

Why is it also common Children’s Aid Society practice to deny the children in their care of the majority of their fundamental rights according to not only the Canadian Carter of Rights & Freedoms but also the international United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child?

Why is it common Children’s Aid Society practice to purposely severe the children’s communications with all of their friends & family while they are in care, and then use brainwashing techniques on the children including telling children over and over again that their parents & family no longer love them and are not fighting to get them home, while in the background the parents are using all of their resources and efforts in the fight to get their loving children home?

Is this just another tactic that the Children’s Aid Society feels is “in the best interest of the child”?

Or is this so that the Children’s Aid Society can use the recently brainwashed and often drugged children to their advantage in the courtroom?

On another note, why is it that over 90% of all Social workers that HCAS has under employment are not licensed and are committing a crime by unlawfully performing social work as outlined under section 46 of the Social Work & Social Service Work Act of 1998?

Is this because HCAS believes that they are above the law?

Why is it also HCAS policy to allow Co-Op students to unlawfully assist their unregistered workers in home visits and even child apprehensions? Please see the careers section of the HCAS website for more details on this!

Why is it that Children’s Aid Society workers appear to be trained on how to talk to parents in such a way to obtain information to base more “concerns” on for their advantage to be able to keep the children longer?

Why do the Children’s Aid Society workers blatantly lie to parents on a regular basis to give them hope while in the background, they are secretly building a fraudulent case against them so that during the hearing, the Children’s Aid Society is ready to keep the children and the parents get devastated?

Is this the Children’s Aid Society’s way of “Acting in good faith” as the Child and Family Services Act requires?

Why is it that the Children’s Aid Society appears to be able to get away with going against the Family Law Rules in the Ontario Courts of Justice Act by giving parents less than 24 hours notice of a court date and also serving them with papers sometimes even minutes before they enter the courtroom?

Is this not a blatant step by the Children’s Aid Society to make sure that parents are unprepared for hearings so that CAS always has the unfair advantage in the courtroom?

Does the Children’s Aid Society only do these unfair practices in court because they know that they already have the unfair advantage of always having a team of high priced lawyers on standby while most parents cannot even afford their own lawyer and are only able to deal with the duty counsel on the day of the hearing?

Why is it that the Children’s Aid Society worker avoids feverishly to put anything in writing or to respond to anything in writing? Why do they not answer the phone and why do they not return phone calls?

Is this because the Children’s Aid Society is afraid that if they put anything in writing, that they may be able to be held accountable for their unlawful actions later? Do they avoid the phone because; even they feel guilty regarding what they are doing?

Why does the Children’s Aid Society feel the need to drag unwitting Schools, Hospitals and Police into their unlawful actions?

It is illegal under the Criminal Code of Canada & the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms for any school or hospital to keep children from their loving parents for any reason. This includes when the Children’s Aid Society tells them to do so! The schools and hospitals that do this are never told that they have the risk of not only a serious lawsuit but they could also face time in prison for these actions!

Why is it that police services blindly listen to the Children’s Aid Society and then become their own private force to do the unlawful actions for CAS?

Why does HCAS and other Societies across Ontario believe that it is within their right to go against The Child & Family Services Act, The Social Work & Social Service Work Act, The Criminal Code of Canada, The Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms, The Education Act and many other laws on a regular basis?

Why does the Children’s Aid Society think that homeschooling is evil and will try to keep children from their loving families and homes for this reason?

Why does the Children’s Aid Society even think that it is in their jurisdiction to talk about home schooling or any educational issues for that matter, considering that under the Education Act it is unlawful for the Children’s Aid Society to be involved in education matters at all? Under the Education Act, the only organizations that are allowed to deal with education matters are either the ministry of education or your local school board, not the Children’s Aid Societies!

Again I will ask the question, does the Children’s Aid Society believes that they are above the law?

Why is there absolutely no government oversight into the actions of Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario?

Why is it that Ontario is the only province in Canada where the Ombudsman is not allowed to investigate social services?

Is this because HCAS and other Societies across Ontario put enormous resources (our tax dollars) into lobbying against all government oversight including the recent bill for Ombudsman oversight of the MUSH sector?

Do the workers of the Children’s Aid Society understand the enormous emotional and physical damage that their work does to loving families every day or are they just blinded by the money that keeps rolling in?

Why is the mainstream media not covering any of this?

Is this because the mainstream media is afraid of going against the enormous amounts of CAS propaganda?

Or is it because the mainstream media is more worried about loosing the massive amounts of advertizing/propaganda dollars that they receive from Children's Aid Societies rather than the well being of innocent children?

These are just some of the questions that need answers and hopefully it will not be long before the public wakes up on this issue and does not let it continue.

I encourage every parent to learn and understand your rights, prepare for Children’s’ Aid Society involvement in advance of a possible confrontation, and to let this letter spread and contact your local politicians to make sure that they know about this because in the end the only way we can stop this madness and for the government to hold these Societies accountable for their horrendous actions.

Source: Belleville Intelligencer