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Family Humiliated and Distressed

February 29, 2012 permalink

CAS interviewed two children of one family at school without their mother's consent, and even over her objection. The mother of the two children recently moved in with two long-time friends to cut her expenses by sharing rent cost. FACS claimed that the roommates were a danger to her children and compelled them to leave. The complaint against one roommate concerns an incident from when he was seven years old. The mother is now in financial distress because she has to pay the entire rent bill by herself. This mother did find a unique way of getting the FACS worker to leave her home — she told her that Pat Niagara was coming.

The interview by Pat Niagara in on YouTube or our local copy.

The two children appear at the end of the interview. A FACS worker interviewed each separately without identifying herself. They both found the worker scary and do not want to meet her again.