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Police Protect Child from Social Worker

February 17, 2012 permalink

After Tennessee children's services worker Brandie Venable broke up with her husband, they met so dad could see their child. She accelerated the car while he was hugging the child and dragged him along the street. Police arrested her and removed the child from Brandie's care.



DCS worker reassigned after arrest, loss of custody of child

Brandie D Venable
Brandie D. Venable

A Children’s Services case worker from Gallatin has been reassigned to a position in which she does not work with children after being arrested for aggravated assault and having police take away custody of her own child.

According to Molly Sudderth from the Tennessee Department of Children's Services, the re-assignment is temporary for the time being, pending an investigation.

Brandi Venable was arrested Feb. 4 after an incident with her husband, Chad Allen Venable. The couple decided to split up a few days ago and decided to meet up at a Chuck E. Cheese in Rivergate so Mr. Venable could see their child, according to an affidavit.

As Mr. Venable was hugging the child, who was seated in the back of her car, Mrs. Venable accelerated and dragged Mr. Venable along, while she screamed at him to get out of the car.

Mrs. Venable then stopped the car and ran inside an Essex Outlet store to tell a security guard that her husband was trying to kidnap her child, according to court records. When the security went outside to investigate he found Mr. Venable “hanging out the back of the vehicle.”

Mr. Venable told police he was “in fear of being badly hurt” during the incident. He decided to prosecute, after which Ms. Venable was arrested. He also responded a few days later by getting a court order to take away custody of her child away from her, which according to Capt. Kate Novitsky, Gallatin police carried out on Feb 10.

Venable has been released after posting a $2,500 bond. She has a court hearing scheduled for March 26.

Source: Tennessean