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February 25, 2012 permalink

A first-time pregnant woman menaced by Chatham children's aid posts her harrowing experience.



Cassie Naud I got a letter in the mail yesterday.from the children's aid society..

the letter stated.. :

Dear Cassandra And Alvro ,

As you are aware the Society has received concerns regarding the upcoming birth of your child that I would like to speak with you about. We had a scheduled appointment on February 10/2012 at your home, which I attended. At that meeting you advised me that you would be recording our meeting that day. As I did not give my permission for you to record me the meeting was ended. I continue to still hope to meet with you and assist you in developing a plan for the upcoming birth of your child. I still do not consent to be recorded however if you are willing to meet without recording I would make myself available. If I have not heard back from you by February 24/2012 I will assume that you are not interested in accessing services prior to the birth of your child and the file will be closed.

Upon the birth of your child, the local society will be forced to assess your situation and determine the risk of your infant based on prevous Society history as you have not met with me to discuss your current plan and/or progress you have made.

I look forward to hearing from you; I can be reached at 519-358-4142..


Sherri Ouellette (intake worker)
KarenVeenstra(intake supervisor)

which doesnt make sense to this letter, is before she left we had told her.. that we are signing up for

  • prenatal classes
  • parenting classes
  • breast feeding classes
  • I will be attending health babies every wednesday @ 2:30
  • and that we moved cause our pervious house was full of mold, etc.. and wasnt a good healthy environment.(which we have moved feb 1.2012.

the past history which they are refering to is my Boyfriend alvro..

they use his disability, anger management, and has poor parenting.. (result of failing prenatal capacity assessment)

He's also been noted that they can NOT use his disability.

My boyfriend has past anger management, and we are taking parenting classes.

As he asked society before to help him be able to learn how to parent. and they have turned him down numerous of times.

This is my boyfriends 5th child as he has his other child taken away from him..

His 1st is with the mother as she fought him for custody.. and the agreement was he was able to see her(hasnt since she was 6 months old, shes now nine)

2nd child has been adopted out into c.a.s care.

3rd the mother moved out of Chatham and took the child away. (He hasn't seen her since she was 1. She's now 4-5. The CAS gave it to the mother to supervise him with his daughter..)

4th he's in trail right now fighting for her as he hasn't seen her since she was in the mothers tummy.. She's now 2-3. He doesn't have access nothing.. He's called his worker and she has not called back or anything.. )

5th child is in my tummy and want to make sure that the baby doesn't get taken.

I was wondering do I call her back.. or do I let her close our file and make sure we got all the stuff done prior to my child's birth??

Your input- help. would be very much appreciated, as it is very scary situation.

Thank you..
everyone and canada court watch.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch.