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Full Force

December 15, 2011 permalink

What is the CAS reaction when the see the pain they are causing a family? A smirk. Read this account from a participant in yesterday's CFSRB hearing. It introduces a new term for CAS family destruction: Full Force.



Chad Wells I was at CFSRB hearing in Muskoka Ontario yesterday supporting a family that has had their young daughter torn from them by the Muskoka CAS. The father is an engineer in the Muskoka area and the stepmother is a school teacher.

When the family lodged a complaint with the CFSRB, the Muskoka CAS served them with court documents three hours after the CAS received confirmation that the complaint was lodged. (A very well-known tactic by the Muskoka CAS). There was never any mention of the mother and father being abusive towards the child until the CFSRB complaint was filed. Suspicious?

Although I can’t go into details of the hearing because it is still ongoing, I can say that the CAS was caught red handed in lie after lie after lie and the father did an amazing job with questioning the CAS.

I will mention one disturbing fact that came out of the meeting yesterday. The father pulled out a CAS case note that he presented to the board that stated “WE MUST GO FULL FORCE AGAINST MR. XXXXX”. At that time Mr. XXXXX broke down and started to cry and said: "I have not seen my daughter because they have gone 'full force' against me". The very disturbing part…….. When I looked at the CAS lawyer when the father was sobbing she had a smirk on her face. I could not believe what I was seeing. These people really don’t have a heart or any sort of compassion at all.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch

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