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Merry Christmas

December 24, 2011 permalink

Fixcas wishes a merry Christmas to all.

Most Canadians are fortunate enough to spend the holiday with their family. A few separated families have been reunited for this Christmas. The Bayne family was finally reunited in August after three years of separation. Through the efforts of Canada Court Watch, an unnamed baby was kept out of foster care, an unnamed 14-year-old girl was reunited with her family and mother Lisa was able to return to the warmth of her own home.

Enclosed are two notes written by children who cannot be with their families this Christmas.



Christmas wishes
Number one wish:
Custady pappers that says I can see my dad more oftan

Christmas wish from stepsister

And a Christmas poem from Bobbie Gellner.



Twas the day before Christmas when all through the house
the advocates were ready to yell at some louse.
The children they fight for are in foster care,
Parents and grandparents have no clue where.

The children they should have been in their own beds,
But CAS stepped in and families live in dread.
"Stop the Children's Aid," we all shout
Everyone knows that CAS has the clout.

The Children's Aid Workers fresh out of schools,
Think that raising a child can be done from a stool.
No two are the same , they all are unique,
These parents are fighting back, no they're not weak.

Childrens Aid kidnaps children to make a big buck,
Targetting poor families who are down on their luck.
Doing social work unregistered is against the law,
Perjuring themselves in court papers, well thats the last straw.

Oversight is needed, please let him in,
The Ombudsman, his name, Andre Marin.
The Liberal government keeps saying no,
The people are shouting, "CAS has to go".

"Please sign the petition", we ask passerby,
It only takes a second, so no more may cry.
The tears and the heartaches need to come to an end,
The abuse needs to stop and not be a trend.

Neil Haskett from Sudbury he's got an ear to the ground,
He hunts down the news like a bloodhound.
He fights because he has children, day in and day out,
When he holds his rallies even he has to shout.

Chad Wells from Peterborough is a great dad,
But Judge Woods from Bracebridge makes him quite mad.
This Judge is no good has been said a time or two,
He helps destroy families, Yes its all true.

Chris Carter from Cambridge wow his voice is loud,
He makes his point well and stands out in a crowd.
He is a smart man and has a big heart,
And when he gets on the blowhorn its like a work of art.

Chris York from Niagara he knows his laws like a book,
Ask him a law question and he will tell you where to look.
Nicknamed the Polkaroo when he comes to protest,
Accountability is his goal, Oversight is his quest.

So many great advocates, too many to name,
They do this for their families and not a claim to fame.
They stand out there through snow through sunshine and rain,
Families are important and should not be in pain.

Protesters at these rallies all have the same goal,
For their children they fight, they are their heart and soul.
So on rally day you will hear our voices strong and clear,
Have a great Christmas and we WILL see you next year.

We heard Santa exclaim as he drove out of sight,
Merry Christmas to all, Keep up the Good Fight.

— Bobbie Gellner