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Mother Pleads Guilty

December 7, 2011 permalink

Here is a story worthy of skepticism. A mother has pleaded guilty to making her own baby sick with high doses of Tylenol. Maybe she is a monster, or maybe CAS told her she could get her children back by pleading guilty. Since there are no names in the article, there is no way to check. It is here for reference in case the story comes up again.



Ont. mom gets probation for making her child sick

A woman who sickened her infant to attract attention by mixing a handful of crushed Tylenol 3 pills into the baby's formula, has been sentenced to probation for 30 months.

The woman, 25, earlier plead guilty to unlawfully causing bodily harm.

Her name cannot be published under the terms of a court-ordered publication ban.

On Feb. 26, 2010, police and the Children's Aid Society were called to a Hamilton hospital after a four-month-old baby was admitted with symptoms that included vomiting, irritability and lethargy.

It was later determined the infant's mother had crushed between 10 to 14 Tylenol 3 pills and mixed them into the baby's formula.

Over the course of 10 to 12 hours, the baby showed signs of distress, but the mother did not seek medical attention. She waited for her husband to come home and then the baby was taken to hospital.

The woman was interviewed by police and CAS officials and she offered up a number of excuses as to how high levels of codeine could have entered the baby's system.

Court heard the woman at first suggested a pill may have accidentally fallen into the formula bottle and then suggested their proximity to a pharmaceutical company might have had something to do with it.

Eventually, she admitted what she did and said she did it to attract attention. She enjoyed the way her husband responded during a crisis, court was told.

The woman said she also posted pictures of her hospitalized baby on Facebook to garner attention.

Hair follicle testing on the infant suggested exposure to codeine poisoning for a number of months prior, court heard. The infant spent less than a week in hospital after the February incident.

Investigation revealed the baby, and a child a few years older, had both previously been admitted to hospital numerous times for a host of reasons.

Neither child required admission to hospital after the mother's arrest.

A joint submission for a suspended sentence and 30 months of probation was presented to the court by the Crown and defence, and accepted by Justice Gethin Edward.

The mother has agreed to a psychological assessment. She is allowed supervised access to her children.

She was ordered to submit a sample of her DNA for inclusion in the national offender's databank and she is banned from owning weapons for 10 years.

Source: London Free Press