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Birthday Canceled

November 4, 2011 permalink

A Peterborough mother had her baby taken at birth by CAS. At least CAS had enough heart to let mom see her baby on his first birthday. Mother Raven X invited her family and friends to the birthday party on November first. But CAS canceled at the last minute. Reason? Short-staffed by the strike.



Raven’s story from Peterborough Ontario

19 year old Raven X from Peterborough Ontario was living in a mothering house when C.A.S. took her son from her. For the past year Raven has had to live everyday worried sick about her little boy.

There were never any allegations of Raven abusing children in the past. “CAS came into the delivery room a little over an hour after I had him, and, told me that they were apprehending him because i had nowhere to live and i did not have an income”. As a result of Raven’s baby boy being apprehended she got kicked out of the mothering home because she did not have her little boy with her.

Raven’s case is yet more evidence of how CAS destroys families. Instead of helping this young Mother and giving her the tools to be a good Mom they apprehend the child right away.

“My sons first birthday is today (Nov 1st 2011) and my family and I had planned to make this the best possible birthday even though it was going to be supervised by a CAS worker as all my visits are. I bought him a cake and my mom made her awesome homemade broken up lasanga. We had a lot of presents for him and I had arranged for family members too come in from out of town to see him and celebrate his birthday with us”.

Sadly for Raven and her son the Peterborough CAS called Raven and cancelled the birthday hours before. The reason they gave Raven was there was not enough staff available to accommodate the party because of the strike.

On page 7 of the attached article (Family law education for women) FLEW talks about reasons for an apprehension at birth. “For example, the CAS will likely be concerned for your child’s safety if: you are a teen mom, especially if you were ever in the care of the CAS”. Yes Raven spent most of her childhood in the care of CAS so now this gives them an open door to take her children.

The referenced document is at Family Law Education for Women, or local copy (both pdf).

Source: Chad Wells

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