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Dysfunctional System

November 9, 2011 permalink

Today's story is of a former crown ward sitting in detention. There is not enough information to know why he is detained, even his sister does not know, but there is enough to show an example of a crown ward being turned into a dysfunctional adult.



Candi Marie I need my story to be heard. I want to explode I'm so angry inside. I would LOVE media to take this story. I USED to be a Foster Parent until I saw how unbelievably useless they are.

My brother is paranoid schizophrenia. He has been a crown ward since early age. At the age of 16 after being on his meds and an honour roll student they told him that he no longer had to take his meds because of his age if he didnt want to.

My brother quickly became homeless. Lived outdoors through all weather with his dog and believed he didn't belong in this part of the world. Was convinced everyone was poisoning his food and he needed to hunt for his own food.

My mother and I and the police stepped in and had him admitted to the hospital for a full evaluation. The doctor did not want to let him go and said he is very unstable and a risk to himself.

His wonderful Facs worker stepped in and removed him and said there were no problems and would take my brother to a "safe place". About an hour or two later I recieved the phone call that my brother was dropped off at a camp site paid for two week. He quickly hitch hiked back to his place under a bridge and found himself worse off. He's currently sitting in solitary confinement in the Niagara Detention Center and has been there since August from what I can find out. He will be there until December 15th after his bail was remanded until then. His worker was completely unaware of all of this and hasn't even been in to see him! I can honestly say my brother is NOT a criminal. He has mental disorders that they are refusing to deal with! Now alone, it is making his mental state MUCH worse... I can't even imagine. But we wouldn't know because we are not allowed contact, visits or calls from him...19 years old and destroyed by our system.

This is how FACS treats our children. Sets them up for failure then washes their hands of them.

Thanks Facs... another job well done for you???

Source: Facebook