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CAS Don't Need No Stinkin' Laws

November 22, 2011 permalink

Chris York draws attention to a case argued before the Child and Family Services Review Board by two Canada Court Watch members. The case arose out of an incident in March 2011. Two CAS workers and three policemen approached the home of CY demanding entry. CY allowed the police to inspect his home without permitting the CAS workers to enter.

The board made its decision on July 4, but it has only recently been published. It ordered the CAS to provide the applicant CY with reasons why they attended his home without a warrant, and why they sent an unregistered social worker to do the job. This means there is now a tiny amount of official authority supporting the contention that CAS is violating the law by employing unregistered social workers.

And what were the CAS reasons? CAS replied with: (1) They did not send a registered worker because one was not available and (2) They did not need a warrant under the CFSA.