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Women (and Children) Last

October 19, 2011 permalink

In this slightly off-topic story, cabbies in Saint John's are reluctant to pick up single women. The reason is the possibility of false accusations, enabled by today's over-protective culture toward women. So efforts to protect women are backfiring, getting them cab service last instead of first. Quite like policies over-protective of children. Something to think about next time you hear "best interest of the child".



St. John's taxis leery of young women

Taxi drivers in St. John's say they fear they'll be falsely accused by drunk passengers. Taxi drivers in St. John's say they fear they'll be falsely accused by drunk passengers.

A taxi company official in St. John's says some of his colleagues are thinking twice about who they pick up downtown because they fear they'll be falsely accused of doing something wrong.

"It's unfortunate but today, young single females or even two females in the car... bad news. Especially if they're intoxicated," said Doug McCarthy, general manager and a driver with Co-Op Taxi in St. John's.

McCarthy said some young women are drunk and pass out on the way home.

He said that when the driver wakes them up, they can't remember where they are going. In some cases, he said they threaten to make false accusations against the driver to avoid paying their fare.

“You touched me or you did this or that or you made a proposition,” said McCarthy, describing what drivers have reported being told.

McCarthy said fear that they'll be the victim of a false accusation, such as assault of inappropriate touching, has left some drivers struggling with the decision to pick up a young girl and bring her home if she is alone.

"Rule of thumb used to be pick up young girls first, take them home, pick up couples seconds and last, pick up the guys and take them home. Now, it's reversed," he said.

Source: CBC