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Toronto Rally

October 27, 2011 permalink

Here is the first picture from today's rally in Toronto. link.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch

There is a video report on APTN. Here is a video showing a march and speech by Chris Carter, YouTube and local copy (mp4). The enclosed blurb with the video describes the Grass Roots Committee of Ontario.



Uploaded by FACsNiagara on Oct 28, 2011

This group has issued a, "call out to all supporters, warriors, leadership and community members for accountability and changes to the subsequent attacks on native people in this society. We want CAS (Children's Aid Society) off our communities and replaced by our own services as developed by our own people both on/off reserve level. Do our First Nation leadership have control of these programs? No, so we demand answers.There will be a feast at the end of the march."

The Grass Roots Committee of Ontario: "We created this group to be pro active on child welfare matters. More specifically CAS issues. Secondly, we are part of the 60's, 70's and 80's scoop commonly known as "60's scoop". To date, the survivors have a lawsuit with the "Attorney General of Canada (now certified-Nov 2010).

Mr. Robert Commanda is one of the plaintiffs and he is attending the gatherings to bring awareness to community people about this issue (Robert heads the 60's Scoop committee which is part of this grass roots initiative). Lastly, we support and attend to rallies which are meant to bring accountability to CAS. These are peaceful rallies and we do not believe in violent confrontations.

We are a volunteer group made up of grass roots people. We do not report to anyone but to our membership. Were not connected to any Government nor do we obtain monies from them. We're totally self reliant on donations and the good will grass roots people and our supporters. Of late, CAS-Children's Aid Society is notorious of attacking native people-"forced removal of our children" in this country. We aim to put an end to this policy by whatever means.

Join if your willing to be pro active, a team player, compassionate and can get along with others. Then come on board. In closing, we have the children, youth and families to think about and lobby for. As it is, no one is helping the most vulnerable people of this country and that has to be the grass roots people.....