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Twins Going, Going ...

October 28, 2011 permalink

A Newfoundland mother pleads for her children:



Newfoundland children in danger

Kimberley Edwards
Lori Pynn

I have 60 days to appeal my case in the supreme court of Canada, I'm 40 days in, I have no lawyer(and can't find one), no money, and government is going to get away with the forced adoption of my two-year-old old twins, and I don't know what to do or how to stop it, or how to explain it to my three other smaller children, who are in my full care, love and protection, that their brother and sister are not ours anymore. Anybody... any ideas... anything?

Source: Facebook

Addendum:There will be a protest at the Confederation Building in St Johns on Monday, October 31.

Addendum: Photos from the protest: [1] [2] [3] [4].

Addendum: From two different web postings by mother Lori Pynn, here is the story. Social services have placed her in the position: Don't complain about losing your twins, or we will take your three other children.

Justina's cause has its own Facebook page, Free Justina Pelletier From Boston Children's Hospital!



My Babies Need To Come Home

My story began in November, 2006. My girls were age 4 and 6 when child welfare was called to my home following a huge fight I had with my boyfriend in front of my daughter. My actions were inappropriate, I should not have done this in front of my 4 year old daughter and I would pay dearly for it. It was suggested that my girls stay with their grandmother who was very close to us. I am fortunate to have much family support.

At this time I was very happy and excited when I realized I was pregnant. I was anxious to get my girls home from a few days with Nan........which turned in weeks and months. My son was born and we were watched constantly. When he was only six weeks old a social worker assumed I was impaired and child welfare ripped him from my breast. The drug test was clean; I had not had a drink or done drugs for 5 years since before my first daughter was born.

Michael spent his first year of life in six foster homes. One foster parent was under investigation for breaking the arms of another infant in the home. It was a horrific day my 4 month old son was taken to the emergency room to be checked for broken bones and fractures. This the year for my son whom I brought into this world by the grace and pure love of God, whom I adored and treasured. I watched and could do nothing as he was deprived of me. My doctor who saw Michael twice in the six weeks I had him, said he was flourishing on his breast milk. I don’t think her statements ever reached the court as the social worker said I was not allowed to feed my son. That first year of Michael’s life the girls stayed with Nan, for which I was very thankful.

It took over a year, until in September 2008, Michael and the girls came home with me. They didn’t even know each other.

In February 2009 I gave birth to Bailey and Brian. They were preemies at 29.5 weeks who both stayed in NICU for 2 months. I was there with them every day to bring them my fresh breast milk, to give them my endless love, to share songs and stories with them. There was always a hospital ward that saw me with them.

I was never happier than when the babies came home in April, 2009 and we are all together as a family. Then in September, 2009, citing subjective rants about my mental and emotional stability, they stole all my children. From the time the twins were born until their abduction I worked hard at caring for my five children and giving them a good home. I never hurt a child in my life! I have a lot of family and community support. My doctor of 15 years supports my kids’ return, as does my counsellor of 10 years and a missionary woman in the church who has been a great spiritual help to me. I have participated in and completed parenting classes.

We went to court in February, 2010. The child welfare stand was “separate all the children, girls with their Nan, baby Michael with his father and the twins for profit. In June 2, 2010 ~ four very long months later, I was called to a child welfare room with my lawyer. The judge brought the news that I had won custody of my three oldest children. However I was told “Don’t question anything about the twins from this point onward or we are going to take the other three back.” I have been fighting ever since June 2010. I have not seen my little blessings in 16 months. I don’t know where my babies are, I have no rights to them at all, and I’m not allowed to know if they are dead or alive. I don’t know how much longer I can live like this, but the Lord tells me it will be okay.

I only have 20 days to appeal a Supreme Court ruling that I lost on Sept 20/11. I have lost a lot of precious time with my kids and I don’t know where to go from here.

My babies need to come home to me and their brother and sisters who miss them terribly.


Lori's mother
I will start with a picture of a grandmother in pain, I cried when I first viewed this picture. This is Lori`s mother saying goodbye to her grandchildren. Veil is lifted folks, extended family rarely gets custody.

Source: Children's Justice blog

Addendum: Mother's thoughts over two years later.



my thoughts

June.2010, i was told by social workers, that i get to keep custody of 3 of my children, who the were 2, 7, and 9, but my 1 yr old twins would be put up for forced adoption, and i was "not to question this".

I appealed the decision, i was denied, i then appealed it to the Canadian supreme Court of Canada, i was denied. without any money or means to fight back, i lost my children, my babies, whom i carried under my heart, whom i loved, kissed adored and attended to everyday.

No matter how much i loved them, no matter how much they needed me, it was no match for the evil, lies and manipulation, against the child welfare's agenda to fraudulently take them.

It has been almost 4 yrs since Myself, my family and my children have seen our precious Bailey and Brian. 4 yrs of daily questions, "are they ok?, are they loved? are they alive?"

I believe that forced adoption is one of the cruellest forms of terrorism, and must be stopped. these types of decision are done behind closed, locked doors, without the option of a jury of my pairs,(criminals charged with the most heinous of crimes, have this option). it is done without any public knowledge, and gag orders are usually put in place as a scare tactic to mothers who want to let the world know, the injustice that happens within these walls of hell.

Until the Lord himself decides to take the breath from my body, nothing, no gag order, no bullying tactics, will stop me from telling my story with the bursting testimony that's my heart.

Source: Lori Pynn blog