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Ottawa Rally

October 19, 2011 permalink

Jane Scharf The Parade of Empty Strollers was a screaming success today in Ottawa. We had about 30 dedicated CAS reformists today from across the country just givener. Sophie reports that she is thrilled with support she received. And she was especially impressed with Chris and Chad from Canada Court Watch who shouted out the corruption she had experienced first hand. Chris and Chad made her an honorary Canada Court Watchers which made her very proud (now she wants the T-shirt). We had some logistic problems with the police about going to police station so we went to the front doors of the court house instead and belted out the truth about our courts.

Source: Facebook

Here are some pictures: [1 Chris Carter with Sophie] [2] [3] [4 Jamie Sullivan (left) and Velvet Martin] [5 John Dunn, Lillian Christine Sorko] [6].

And a special picture:



Sophie's Challenge rally, Ottawa
A policeman phones his supervisor to look up the definition of COLLUSION.

Addendum: Another article on the rally.



PARADE OF EMPTY STROLLERS Awareness Campaign of a CAS Charter Challenge hits the Hill and #Occupy Ottawa

Ottawa rally

On October 19th a small group of devoted people gathered on the side-walk in front of parliament hill to bring awareness of a CAS Charter Challenge that has been brought forth by a brave young Canadian woman.

Ms J Scarfe, advocator and activist states " Sophie's challenge basically says that the provincial government had no constitutional authority to give CAS the power to be police, plaintiff, prosecutor and beneficiary of cases where parents are accused of abusing or neglecting their children. The very act of transferring the matter from the Criminal Code of Canada which is the constitutional authority of the Feds to the Provincial Child and Family Services (CFSA) violates section 11 d of the Charter Rights and Freedoms. 11 d is the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. As well this shift from Federal to Provincial drops the protection for the parents as well as the child to security of person section 7. And in cases where CAS apprehends the child because the parents are young this violates the child's and parent's section 15 Charter right to protection from discrimination based on age. Sophie hopes others like herself who have had their children taken away unfairly will present their story in an affidavit to the Superior Court of Justice in Ottawa in support of this challenge."

For a copy of Sophie's charter challenge here is the link: Challenge

Awareness is important for this case and many others where babies are simply being taken away from young mothers without just cause.

The fact that there is absolutely no Ombudsman oversight in Ontario should be a huge concern for all Ontarians.

Why you may ask? Right now CAS, nursing homes, school boards, universities, hospitals and police services etc. do not have oversight protection, giving far too much inner powers to the institutions. Currently if something does occur to a loved one...the response is "we will investigate and get back to you on the matter." Who is actually investigating these situations? Currently the investigations are mostly done in-house. If you think the investigations are to protect your loved ones, think again, because in most cases these institutions are far too busy worrying how to protect their institutions and avoid law-suits and potential criminal charges. In-house investigations is the word...rarely do these concerns or cases go any further or hit public media.

Public awareness is key to change.

Ontario is the only province in Canada that does NOT have this in their rulings.

To support this case and the lack of Ombudsman oversight in Ontario, you are encouraged to contact all levels of governments.

For more information to this cause see facebook group " Voices of Innocent Families in Ontario."

Source: Cultural Foundation Native Expressions

There is a belated video: YouTube and local copy (mp4).