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Huron-Perth Board Reinstated

September 9, 2011 permalink

The Huron-Perth Children's Aid Society is back under control of a board of directors, ending eleven months of administration by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. This also ends the period during which the provincial ombudsman could look into problems with the agency.



CAS Back in Local Hands

After more than 10 months of administration by the province the Huron-Perth Children's Aid Society is back in local hands.

The agency has named a 14-member Board of Directors after being overseen by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services since last October.

The province stepped in when the CAS announced it would close last December because of a 1.3-million dollar deficit and a debt-load of close to a-million dollars.

Interim Executive-Director Larry Marshall says Huron-Perth was among a number of Children's Aid Societies across the province facing fiscal challenges.

He notes that Ministry personnel helped balance the Huron-Perth CAS budget before returning the agency to community control.

Marshall says there was no shortage of volunteers who applied for positions on the Board.

The new Board will be confirmed at the Society's annual general meeting on September 20th.

The community will notice no difference in the way the Children's Aid Society is run.

Marshall tells us the return to local guidance offers what he calls a unique opportunity to look at how to tailor their services to specifically local needs.

Source: Bayshore Broadcasting