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Cobourg Rally

October 3, 2011 permalink

A dozen people participated in the rally in Cobourg on October 1. It received press coverage and one of the organizers collected several stories enclosed below.



The rally in itself only generated about twelve individual participants, but the word reached far into the community. Apart from lots of horn honking four separate stories came forward from the recesses of this community and, each of these are inclined to become publically involved, stage their battles in the war for public awareness.

Two are fathers who have been discredited, one having maintained a single job for ~15 years, the other ~35. Each gave a reasonable first impression of their demeanor, however, one was the excitable sort whom the CAS has apparently been pushing his buttons in preparation for when the time comes that they can unequivocally discredit him, in combination with these manipulations and the already falsified record. Here the CAS has acted on false allegations from the public and, a criminal "charge" which dad had received from his youth 10 years past. This passionate individual has given evidence to CAS as to the questionable care of his 14 month old son as being received in the mothers care, she whom has a long and sorted history with the CAS from past relations. It appeared to this writer that, CAS is buying time for the dust to settle being as, they have to date discourage dad into thinking that the visitation process dad and son are being subjected to, with all the restrictions and emotional blackmail, is not healthy for his son. The CAS has already facilitated where, one of their workers has walked away from the case saying she is not able to deal with dads hostility, the hostility which they the CAS instilled by ignoring his concerns for his son being deliberate left in an environment with illegal drug users rather than his care. The most likely conclusion one who is experienced with CAS is, the worker walked away by design making such allegations for a future day against dad, and then CAS will swoop in on the mother when the timing is right.

The other Father's story stems three generations. His first partnership which was estranged at the time of his Childs conception was to have the unborn child put up for adoption, however, dad had a lawyer who educated him to the fact that as the father he was to be the first in the bidding for adoption. CAS proceeded to breach his confidentiality and tell the mother this fact who then out of spite kept the child, reared it in a questionable manner, the deluded child then having children of her own which are now in CAS ownership as the result of said questionable upbringing.

Two grandmothers came forward stating that in each of the situations with their grandchildren, CAS stepped in with false allegations, manufactured false documentation, and hence denied the grandparents any right to be the family of those children involved. One of these grandmothers also had a nephew taken.

Three of the four parties with personal accountings of CAS abuse of power came out to the rally, one from Durham Region, to lend their solidarity to Patricia and her daughter. But more importantly in their opinions, were the need to bring public awareness to the sad reality which future children will be subjected.

All are of the mind and comprehension that, there is a need to provide help for families in need, however, each are also aware that the legislation in place today is not being used in the spirit which it was intended or written in. Conversation took place on the line were the parties collaborated and concluded that even though there is legislation in place there is no enforcing body such as the Ministry of Labour is present for enforcing the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act. It was noted that in other provinces there is currently Ombudsman oversight which is being called for in Ontario by some, however still those provinces remain just as rampant as does the business world in the face of the Ministry of Labour regardless of Ombudsman oversight. Therefore this discussion concluded that a peer provision would likely be the only venue which cannot be tainted by any such bureaucratic corruption.

Through this writers diligence towards informing the press of the conditions behind this event, it was afforded front page coverage per that by Vaalerie MacDonald below and, that coverage was directly responsible to bring a number of the above people with their stories out of the woodwork. This is a victory! The message herein is that, as futile as it seems day to day, if in your rally you accomplish any degree of public awareness or the voice of four more stories, you have won one more battle in this war. The rally displayed banners with the web addresses for, and, and all parties who were seeking direction were directed to get educated via these venues.

Despite the success of this campaign to reach the child, Patricia's daughter to date bitterly believes the lie that she was willingly forsaken and abandoned to CAS care as per the brainwashing she has been subjected to over the past ten years. Valerie MacDonald and her team have gone above and beyond the call of journalism, reporting to the public that this child's life has been compromised beyond any semblance of humanity because "She believes I gave her up to the CAS," Should fait play a role in this article reaching the child, some how, then there remains a chance for her freedom from them who are grooming her for the next generation of captors. A simple Thank you to Valerie, is not enough. And a thank you to friends, family and them who attended as promised is extended.

Source: email from informant who prefers to remain anonymous