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School Invasion

September 30, 2011 permalink

Vern Beck reports that a school principal has been bullied by a CAS worker, and Canada Court Watch now recommends that school principals make an audio recording of meetings with CAS. In a second enclosed item, Canada Court Watch reports that Brant CAS tried to interview children in school in contravention of a written promise made a week before to the parents to stay away from the school.



Vernon Beck The Questions and Answers for School officials (on the main Canada Court Watch webpage) has been updated to advise school principals to secretly record CAS workers who may lie or attempt to bully their way into a school to question a child. We have had a principal contact Court Watch and advise us that an unregistered CAS worker attempted to bully her way into his school claiming that she "had the authority of a police officer" and that the Child and Family Services Act allowed her to come into his school. Principals are now advised to secretly record those CAS workers who use lies and trickery. It seems that some of the principals are getting fed up with the CAS bullying tactics as well and would love to see some of these workers fired.

Source: Facebook, Vern Beck

Children's Aid Society of Brant violates its own promises not to terrorize children

(Sept 28, 2011) Court Watch has learned today that the Children's Aid Society of Brant attempted today to enter a Catholic elementary school for the purposes of unlawfully detaining and interrogating children without the knowledge of the parents and without the informed consent of the children.

Luckily, the Principal of the school exercised due diligence and under her authority under Section 265.(1) of the Education Act, refused to allow the unregistered CAS worker to enter the school to conduct an unlawful interrogation. The Principal can be commended for her actions to stand up for the rights of her students before bowing to the demands of CAS workers who have absolutely no authority to question the children without the consent of the parents. It must be noted that the parents offered in writing to allow the CAS workers to interview the children at the children's home. They did not want the children interviewed at school where harm would likely result to the children.

This attempt by the Brant CAS workers to unlawfully detain the children was made in spite of a promise in writing on September 20, 2011 to the parents that the Society would not interview the children at their school shows how some CAS workers and agencies cannot be trusted and have little regard for the rights of children.

Should the Brant CAS and CAS child protection workers, including case worker, Ms. Suzanne Peacook, continue in efforts to violate the rights of these children and attempt to bully the principal any further, local advocates will engage in a media and flyer campaign informing all parents in the area about how the CAS is attempting to trample over the rights of children and in effect terrorizing the children. Should the school board not protect the children then the flyer campaign will include the school board as well.

More details to be made available as this story unfolds.

Source: Canada Court Watch