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Latest Baby Prices

August 27, 2011 permalink

Here is a list of babies to be adopted at birth. Sorted by price fees, they are:

caucasian $44,500
caucasian $40,500
biracial $37,000
caucasian $36,000
caucasian $36,000
biracial $35,000
biracial $34,000
African-American $24,000
African-American $24,000



As a mother of two beautiful children through the miracle of adoption, I am thrilled to be working as an adoption consultant for Christian Adoption Consultants. It is such an honor to help families on their adoption journeys find the baby meant for them!

Updated Situations

Hello all! :) The following is a list of a few new situations available for CAC clients through the licensed adoption agencies we work with. Agency fees are listed and are different depending on which agency the situation is with. Medical and legal expenses are the best estimates the agencies currently have. Email me anytime for more info about these situations or about the services Christian Adoption Consultants provides.

  • Biracial (CC/HISP) baby due September 15th in CA. $30.5k + $4.5k legals
  • Caucasian baby due September 23rd in FL. $30.5k + $10k legals
  • Biracial (CC/AA) girl due October 12th in UT. $25k + $8-10k medical
  • African American boy due October 22nd in UT. $17k + $6-8k medical (Mom smokes cigarettes)
  • Biracial boy due late October in AZ. $30k + $7k legals
  • Caucasian baby due late October in MD. $28k + $8k legals
  • Caucasian baby due in November in FL. $29k + $7k living expenses + $8.5k legals
  • African American baby due November 18th in UT. $17k + $6-8k medical (Mom smokes cigarettes)
  • Caucasian baby due in February in VA. $29k + $7k legals (Mom would like an open adoption with a few visits per year)

Source: Adoption - A Path of the Heart