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King of the World

July 20, 2011 permalink

CBC's The Current did a segment on foster child deaths in Alberta. The first segment is an interview with the mother in the baby Warburg case. The two affected mothers were not just roommates, but sisters. Three months after the death the mother has no knowledge of how her baby died. Here is her view of social services:

Social services, they seem to like to pick on people that have no money, like this social services woman that came into my house that day, like, you know sitting there calling me unfit, calling my mother unfit, calling everybody unfit, like she is just, like, I don't know, the king of the world, and she's way better than everybody else.

The report ends by interviewing Assistant Deputy Minister at Alberta Children and Youth Services Mark Hattori. He uses four points from the foster death script. You can listen on the CBC Alberta Child Deaths page or our local copy (mp3).

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