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High-Priced Analyst Needed

August 21, 2011 permalink

The Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies needs a senior policy analyst at a salary of $74,342 to $92,986. This is a lobbying organization, and the analyst will be developing strategies to present to funding sources, primarily the Ontario legislature. The person hired will have to find a way to put a good face on current CAS practices including:

  • Allowing hundreds of children to die in CAS care. link link
  • Preventing the provincial ombudsman from looking into CAS problems. link link
  • Keeping the names of convicted pedophiles out of the press. link Handing foster parent awards to persons later found to be sex-criminals. link Sex between foster moms and their boy wards. link Waiting 29 years to prosecute sex abuse of children. link
  • Placing children in squalid foster homes worse than those of loving parents. link link
  • Nightmarish foster care. link Breaking the collarbone of a child too young to fall. link Burning a father's gift blanket in front of a foster girl, and forcing her to take cold showers to save on heating costs. link Treating foster siblings to drugs clonidine and Concerta for one and a prolapsed rectum for the other. link Allowing a handicapped child to regress while in foster care. link
  • Drunk driving by a social worker transporting foster children. link
  • Supplying cigarettes to teenaged foster children and encouraging them to smoke. link link
  • Submitting falsified evidence to a court. link Using logical fallacies to develop evaluation tools. link Using experts with fake credentials. link Provoking a mother with police on standby, to create evidence justifying crown wardship. link
  • Taking children from parents for frivolous reasons. link Seizing children based on evidence from psychics. link Letting a mother keep one child in exchange for letting another go. link
  • Reprimanding a mother for following a doctor's nutritional advice for her child. link
  • Arresting peaceful protestors. link Otherwise ignoring 50 rallies across Ontario. link link Suing parents for public criticism. link
  • Getting a foster teen to write case notes on behalf of a social worker. link
  • Preventing a twelve-year-old boy from walking on city streets in daylight. link
  • Overspending the budget to force the legislature to provide more money. link Stealing from Santa Claus. link Awarding scholarships of absurdly low value. link Providing off-the-books compensation for CAS lawyers through adoption fees. link
  • Disrupting the careers of teachers with false allegations. link
  • Surfing the internet to examine websites critical of CAS. No link here, but many webmasters have found CAS in their logs or found web postings copied in CAS court filings.

If you feel you have the required skills, apply in the manner in the enclosed ad below.



Senior Policy Analyst

Ontario Association of Children's Aid Socieities - Toronto, Canada Area

Job Description

Full-time Contract or Secondment Opportunity
1-year with possibility of extension

Job Overview

The Senior Policy Analyst provides professional policy and project management services to the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies (OACAS) and its member agencies in the area of policy research, analysis and development.

The role requires collaborating with the membership to develop policy and position papers and research proposals related to child welfare practice, researching and analyzing emerging public policy trends, monitoring public policy activities and changes, and working closely with the provincial government in representing the interests and positions of the child welfare sector. The Senior Policy Analyst provides staff support to a variety of OACAS committees, CAS network groups and special projects.

Desired Skills & Experience

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Reporting to the Director of Policy, this position:

  1. Contributes to the development of papers and submissions on a broad range of issues relevant to child welfare. Submissions are both proactive, reflecting established policy positions, and reactive, to address unanticipated issues.
  2. In developing policy positions and responses, researches issues across a broad range of resources, including but not limited to experts within the child welfare field, respected experts and stakeholders, academic research and other sources. When the Ontario Legislature is in session, daily monitoring of the activity of the Ontario Legislative Assembly, including the introduction and progress of Bills through the Legislature, as well as compiling Hansard on matters relevant to the child welfare sector for dissemination to the field. The Senior Policy Analyst is also responsible for staying apprised of the activities of groups such as other provincial children’s organizations, Federal government, other provinces, news clippings, and other key advocacy groups. Alerts OACAS Directors of issues of interest and, identifies policy issues which may impact the child welfare sector.
  3. Participates in and supports OACAS Board committees, Provincial Interagency Groups and Networks in the areas of policy development and advocacy
  4. Takes initiative and lead responsibility for providing policy development support to selected OACAS Board and interagency committees, consulting with and providing ongoing informational updates to the Director of Policy and the Executive Director. This may include developing research proposals to support work on priority issues (e.g. adoption, youth, educational outcomes, Aboriginal services)
  5. Identifies areas of further advocacy and direction for the work of the OACAS in collaboration with the Directors and Executive Director
  6. Represents the OACAS at various meetings as appropriate
  7. Attends leadership team meetings and contributes to the development of organizational objectives and policies governing the operation of the OACAS


  • Undergraduate or graduate degree with additional specialized training or experience in policy development
  • Demonstrated skills, knowledge and experience in child welfare or social services
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Broad general knowledge of all OACAS programs and services
  • Excellent oral, written, planning, and organizational skills
  • Excellent facilitation and consensus building skills
  • Excellent research skills, with the capacity to utilize resources such as library databases
  • Political acuity, understanding of legislative processes, roles of elected officials and public servants
  • Proficiency in full suite of office software products to develop presentation quality presentations and reports, and conduct data analysis
  • Bilingual French/English would be an asset

Salary Range: $74,342 to $92,986

To Apply:

Interested applicants should send their resume to Anna Mikhael, Human Resources Coordinator by end of day September 9, 2011.


Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies 75 Front Street, East Toronto, Ontario M5E 1V9

Company Description

The Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies (OACAS) is a membership organization representing Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario. The Association has served its members, the community, the public and the government in a variety of ways since 1912. These services have included the promotion of child welfare issues, government relations, advocacy, policy development, communications, research and special projects, member support, quality assurance in child welfare practice, and training for all protection workers throughout the province.

Additional Information

August 17, 2011
Mid-Senior level
Public Policy, Nonprofit Organization Management, Government Relations
Job ID:

Source: LinkedIn

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