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Safe from CAS

July 5, 2011 permalink

Miller Hudak, three-year-old daughter of Ontario opposition leader Tim Hudak, has been released after a month in the hospital. With lots of other families, social workers would be nosing around with questions, but not in this case. What keeps them away? Certainly not fame or fortune. Others with more fame and money have had their lives shredded by family law. The difference is that Mr Hudak may, according to current polls, become Ontario's premier after this October's election. Alienating Mr Hudak could lead to rapid reform of CAS. They will steer clear in this case.



Hudak's daughter out of hospital

Tim Hudak and Deb Hutton with daughter Miller Hudak
Ontario Tory Leader Tim Hudak is joined by his daughter Miller Hudak, 3, and wife Deb Hutton after delivering the keynote address at the provincial PC convention at the Toronto Congress Centre on May 28.
ERNEST DOROSZUK/Toronto Sun files

Miller Hudak — the daughter of PC Leader Tim Hudak and wife Deb Hutton — is home from hospital after a month-long stay.

"4 long weeks but Miller is out of hospital. Continues to visit great Sick Kids team in mos (months) ahead but today our home is whole & happy again," Hudak tweeted Tuesday.

The three-year-old girl is recovering from an undisclosed illness that required treatment in the Intensive Care Unit.

"My heart burst at the sight of her sleeping peacefully in her own bed again," Hudak tweeted. "My beautiful little girl is home."

Source: Toronto Sun