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Canadian Police State

August 3, 2011 permalink

A writer in Hamilton Ontario posted this story of the terror of CAS intervention even in a case where, after months of examination, the child was not taken. The mother named as Wendy in the story is Wendy Elizabeth Hart of Barrie. (fixcas notes corrected February 2013).



The Easily Forgotten Examples Of The Canadian Police State

As we continue to expose the corruption and the levels of governmental control in our society. It is sadly very easy to over look many issues, even some huge ones!

As the Canadian police state moves forward at an alarming pace, some of the most brutal examples come from governmental programs that have been around for what seems like for ever. The C.A.S (Children’s aid society) like most agencies seem to have very good intentions. Protecting the children of Canada. But in too many cases we find that the C.A.S is getting involved in the lives of families, with extremely poor rationale to be there at at all. Once involved everything in your life is cataloged, recorded, and stored. A practice that is breaking up Canadian families, which many will argue is a desired outcome (including myself).

With this being said we are going to share the story of a woman named Wendy and the ordeal that her and her family has been put through by the Children’s Aid Society.

Terry Wilson/Wendy Elizabeth Hart

It was early morning and I held my new baby daughter of 8 hours old in my arms while propped up on the uncomfortable Hospital bed. I breathed her in like fresh air and shed tear after joyful tear. I could not believe that My Husband and I had not only been so blessed to find one another but to also find ourselves the proud parents of such a sweet, heavenly angel; it was overwhelmingly wonderful.

A nurse came in that I didn’t recognize but it was 5 am and time for a Staff Shift Change, so it wasn’t unexpected. She greeted me with a kind smile and I watched it spread across her face as her eyes moved to Hope nestled into me. I smiled back and told her that I was doing fine when she asked. I was too wrapped up in my happiness to notice that she was preparing to tell me something horrible.

She came close; spoke softly and while it helped, my heart trembled as she uttered each word, “CAS has been called because you and your Husband both have Mental Illnesses and you are not on Medication. It’s standard procedure and they will meet you in your hospital room tomorrow….”. CAS. In my Hospital Room? Can they do this? “…I am sure you have nothing to worry about…”. I knew they had no knowledge of my psychiatrist approved self-designed therapy program or mental health history. Tears spilled over uncontrollably and my worst nightmare came true.

I sobbed a version of my history with CAS to her that I really can’t recall the accuracy of. She felt so sorry for me but she knew nothing of the story and it was then I realized that no matter how innocent I was in all that I have been through with CAS, the story, unless told right, made it sound like there was a piece missing. Why? Because it was that ludicrous. That unjust. That horrible that it just didn’t sound believable. But it was real. And my Son and I have lived it for 7 long years. And now, they wanted to drag my new precious daughter into their web of lies. My inner Mother Bear roared at the prospect of ANYONE even THINKING of getting in between me and another of my Cubs.

I held myself together by drinking in my little treasure and knowing that she could feel everything I was going through. I had to set a good example. That’s what good Parents do. I cuddled her and sang softly in her ear, making our world only the cozy little room we were in and it’s only inhabitants her and I. I prayed for the time to hasten to when visiting hours started again. At 10 am, my Husband finally arrived and after I told him what had happened, He folded into Hope and I and we wept over our coming tribulations together. We tried our best to enjoy our time as a family and gather our strength for our encounter with CAS.

CAS didn’t show the day they said they would and they day they DID show up it was hours after we were discharged by our OB, delaying our departure significantly. For at least 2 hours we sat with these strangers talking about our lives and our Parenting as I breast fed my infant daughter. It felt a little like rape, something I have experienced, having to struggle to feed Hope while not exposing myself. I was so hot, uncomfortable and nervous that I couldn’t keep myself covered at all and it greatly upset me. But for Hope we stood united and strong as they asked us question after question. I had just had a C-section 3 days prior, and I was so exhausted.

After deflecting their desire to come home with us THAT DAY to see our apartment and inspect our Crib, I very slowly made our way to our Van to take us shopping for some things before we settled in at home for a few weeks. We were discharged at 10 am but because of CAS we didn’t get home till almost 7 pm. We had left our home days prior after spending hours in labour with ruptured membranes so there was considerable disarray to the apartment, understandably. But we had CAS coming the NEXT DAY, so we went to work taking care of our little bundle of joy and cleaning up our apartment instead of relaxing and letting things go for a few days like we had planned.

It was horrible. It was right in the middle of the first heat wave of the season and we hadn’t got a fan yet so while our room was nice and cool for Hope, we were frying in the living room and kitchen as my Husband and I scrubbed our apartment clean and cried with each other over the injustice of our ordeal. CAS came and we once again spent over an hour answering questions while having our apartment inspected. It is a terrifying feeling having to put yourself on display to be judged even if you are innocent. They said the art I had created for the Nursery was amazing and that I should be selling it and raved that we were the most organized people they had ever met. I thought that meant they wouldn’t need to waste tax payers dollars to investigate an obviously well organized family ready to met any needs our daughter had but I forgot about “procedure”.

For five months we had visits from a CAS worker who was looking to close our case. We were informed of the official CAS reason they were called into our lives. “Someone” got wind of our conversation DISCUSSING Erythromycin* and whether we wanted it or not and reported it to CAS as a refusal. We didn’t refuse it, we discussed it with our Midwife and decided to go ahead with it because she warned us CAS could be called if we refused it. In the end CAS, funded by tax payers but run like a charity, was called into our lives for a reason that didn’t even exist. We will never know who called but thankfully all of our Midwives and Doctors vouched for us as Parents which helped our case tremendously.

We got very lucky with our Worker. She did not have any motive but doing her job as a child protection worker, protecting children. She knew that we were no risk to our daughter but due to protocol, she had to come for a certain number of months to follow procedure as directed by her Supervisor. CAS procedures seem to waste time and money and do not facilitate Child Protection enough to warrant such squandering. Our worker was a gem and thankfully in the end we got a letter stating the case is closed. But no letter can give back what what was taken from my Husband and I.

The uninterrupted joy of experiencing the birth of our first born child free of outside worries, scrutiny, invading strangers and painfully stressful tears. But we will move on, stronger from the journey that CAS forced us into, knowing we stood up against tyranny and held fast for our beloved Daughter, Hope.

Source: Canadian Awareness Network