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Bike for Kids

July 6, 2011 permalink

coffin for foster children

The Motorcade and Biker Run for Accountability and Transparency will take place Saturday July 16 starting in Kitchener. Catherine Frei gives specifics.



Motorcade and Biker Run for Accountability and Transparency

We are inviting members of the media to our Motorcade and Biker Run for Accountability and Transparency of Children’s Aid Societies being held Saturday, July16, 2011 from 11am until 4pm . This motorcade will begin in the Southwest parking lot of Victoria Park (near the Pavillion) in Kitchener. We will travel through Cambridge, stopping at the Children's Aid at 168 Hespeler Road and then through to Hamilton Catholic Children's Aid Society at 735 King St.E. In Hamilton.

This event is one of dozens taking place across Ontario seeking oversight of Ontario's 53 Children's Aid Societies. Leading this motorcade will be a flatbed trailer with 12 white coffins, each one signifying 10 children that died in the Children's Aid care in 2009. That year alone 120 children died under the direct and/or indirect care of these agencies.

In the past four years there have been 384 children that have died under the care of the Children's Aid in Ontario. In the past 18 months there have been over 75 protests across Ontario.

Some of our issues:

  • We want the Ontario Government and the Ministry of Child and Youth Services to begin taking responsibility for the 53 Children’s Societies actions across Ontario. We want Government Oversight over Children’s Aid Societies to protect kids in dangerous foster care situations and innocent families. Criminal investigations will show workers from around the province have committed criminal acts. Ontario is the only Province in Canada without oversight.
  • The Canadian Government’s Child Abuse & Neglect statistics supplied by CAS’s state most parents who become involved with Children’s Aid are 100% innocent. They are not substance or child abusers; they did not make poor parental decisions and never required involvement of any kind.
  • Ontario courts and enquiries have proven children aretaken from innocent parents and some put up for adoption. The total number is unknown until the Ontario Government is pressured to begin criminal investigations.
  • The Children’s Aid and the Ministries Child and Family Services Review Board will not review:
    • Matters currently before the courts or the courts have already decided.
    • Matters that fall under other decision making processes under the Child and Family Services Act or the Labour Relations Act. (Every single case!!)

    ** We need the media to ask Children’s Aid Societies what complaints the CAS or the Ministry of Child and Youth Service’s Review Board will not deal with.

  • According to one research Doctor at the RCMP Missing Children’s Services children taken from innocent parents suffer the same effect of abduction. Most professionals agree abduction is emotional abuse.
  • The Ontario Child Advocate has concerns about the high death rate among children while in CAS care.
  • Children’s Aid Job Bank postings show certificates, licenses, memberships, courses, etc from accreditation bodies are not required. Why? Workers began using “Child Protection Worker” and not accreditation such as “Registered Social Worker” for example preventing accountability by the College of Social Workers under the SWSSW act among others.
  • All 53 Children’s Aid Societies are self regulated, non-governmental organisations that should only receive more funding with oversight. This will save tax payers billions.
  • Recently Sudbury CAS lawyers attempted and failed to protect a convicted pedophile foster parent from having his name published against his former foster child wishes so other victims would come forward.
  • As you may remember the Ontario Auditor General’s 2008 audit of 4 CAS’s showed 4 out of 4 Children Aid Societies were mismanaging our money with personal memberships, trips, SUV’s.
  • Attending many of the rallies across Ontario are the wrongfully convicted of the disgraced Charles Randal Smith.

As we've previously stated the purpose of the peaceful motorcade is for oversight and accountability of Ontario’s 53 Children’s Aid Societies. Our requests for oversight are reasonable, not attacks on good social workers or attempts to close important services like Children's Aid Societies. Oversight will ensure safer, accountable and transparent Child protection services across Ontario and we can assure the public in some cases lead to criminal investigations. They have been entrusted to regulate themselves and these Non-governmental organizations have failed miserably.


Catherine Frei
Child and Family Advocate

Source: Exchange Magazine