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Ferguson Becomes Libertarian

July 24, 2011 permalink

CAS opponent Rob Ferguson, who previously ran for the provincial parliament as the candidate of the Family Coalition Party, plans to run as the Libertarian candidate in the next election.



Rob Ferguson
Rob Ferguson

Ferguson opts for Libertarians in Oct. 6 provincial election

Angry at a snub by the Family Coalition Party, a Brantford man is now vowing to be the first candidate to run for the Libertarian Party in Brant.

Rob Ferguson, a self-employed businessman who ran for election in Ward 4 last year and ran for MPP in 2007 under the FCP banner, said he was chosen as the FCP's candidate for Oct. 6 provincial election during a meeting on Thursday night.

"I've supported the FCP for the last two years in trying to develop a riding association and last night we had ten members out and we formed an executive for Brant riding," Ferguson said Friday.

"No one opposed me as the candidate. I left thinking I was the candidate. But when I got home I got a message … saying they had reopened the meeting after I left and backed off from having me as the candidate."

Ferguson said he felt betrayed and he immediately talked to Jim McIntosh, the treasurer of the provincial Libertarians about running for that party.

McIntosh confirmed Friday that, while there are still documents to be signed, Ferguson will run for the Libertarians. Because there is no riding association, the provincial executive can choose a candidate.

"We've had no candidate in Brant before that I know of," said McIntosh.

"We only ran 23 candidates in the last election and this year we're going to have a lot more. Probably 60 or more."

The Libertarian party believes that government shouldn't be overly involved in legislating the lives of citizens.

Ferguson runs his own advertising business and has volunteered with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind.

Source: Brantford Expositor