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Bradford Rally

August 21, 2011 permalink

Pat Niagara Bradford Rally for Accountability & Transparency

Members of "Canada Court Watch" and "Unregistered CAS/FACS workers unlawfully working in Ontario" attended the 2011 Carrot Fest Event in Bradford Ontario. The Rally was to bring awareness to the problem's within the 53 C.A.S. agencies in Ontario.

We also be collected a large amount of signatures on 3 separate petitions:

Petition 1) To keep CAS out of our schools

Petition 2) To make CAS workers registered with the College of Social Workers

Petition 3) To grant the Ombudsman powers to investigate CAS, Police, Hospitals, Etc.

Pictures: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6].

Source: Facebook

Watch the rally on YouTube or a local copy (flv). York-Simcoe MPP Julia Munro speaks on the video. The young lad on the megaphone is Pierce Gellner.

Addendum: Good news for Melissa Buckingham-Russell, the mother who called the Bradford rally:

Bobbie Niagara Just to let everyone know that Melissa Buckingham-Russell's internet is down and she just wants to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers towards getting her daughter back. These prayers and thoughts were heard because Madi came home tonight. Hugs to Melissa, Ray and family.

Source: Facebook