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Don't Get Legal Help

July 25, 2011 permalink

CAS is dissuading parents from talking to a lawyer.

Lee Bolton

All parents in Chatham-Kent dealing with CAS

by Lee Bolton on Monday, July 25, 2011 at 7:47am

"We know that people have a right to lawyers when the police charge them with anything, or when they are being investigated for crimes. They are supposed to have the same right when the CAS comes knocking. But apparently parents are increasingly approaching David Sandor, Chatham's supervising duty counsel, saying that CAS workers, and sometimes supervisors, are telling them that if they "talk with Sandor or Duty Counsel" they will be considered to be "hiding something" or being "uncooperative". They have been made to sign agreements without legal counsel, because they have been told, or it has at least been suggested "you can talk to legal counsel, but if you do, we'll know you don't want to be cooperative, and we'll "do what we have to do". Mr. Sandor is now receiving letters and messages from people experiencing this, some of them anonymous because people are afraid of how the CAS worker will react. Anyone that has gone through this, or that is going through this should contact him, or at least stick an anonymous letter under his door." He's hoping to get at least 10 - 20 letters together in the next week or two to further help these families. Please forward this to your Chatham-Kent friends and family.

Source: Facebook