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Vacation Fun

May 20, 2011 permalink lawyer

While CAS prefers to attack the weak and uneducated, some CAS critics, such as Anne Patterson, have a way with words. Thinking of going on vacation with your kids? Be sure to bring along that special family member, the one who wears pricey suits and speaks in seven syllable Latin phrases.



Bill 179 may pass next week (chilling), if you are planning a holiday don't forget your lawyer!

An incredible new trend has been filling Ontario vacation hot spots. Families have brought an extra special person with them on their vacations. No it is not Grandma, Uncle Fred or cousin Lou; families are now embarking on vacations with their lawyers.

Is it as they feel they need bonding time with their lawyer? Is it as a token of their appreciation from everything from tax law to dealing with real estate? Well no, it is as the beast has been unleashed.

To those unaware - the beast is a euphemism for what is called in Ontario a network of Children’s Aid Societies. Don’t let the ‘aid’ part fool you, as the aid that may be provided to you is having your child captured by them to be peddled out to the highest bidder for adoption in 30 days.

A new Ontario law (Bill 179) compliments of the soon to be extinct Liberals; unleashing a monster of a law that lets 53 rogue, unaccountable, and totally irresponsible agencies take your child.

Can it be for false child abuse? You bet it can, just how cute is that baby in the window of the restaurant while you dine with your family; hence the sudden appearance of various lawyers dining with Mom, Dad and baby too.

Nothing like a nicely dressed man in a suit perusing through Black’s Law Dictionary over h'orderves to really kick that fun family feeling into high gear. Or a shark of a female lawyer in stilettos which can be used as a weapon if necessary - subject to the circumstances.

In Ontario the only way that families can feel safe is to bring their lawyer with them, having them on speed dial just won’t suffice with the beast at hand. Not when your baby can be shipped to God knows who in 30 days. Restaurants and bars are even helping the action with specials like ‘tossed salad and family law soufflé’, ‘social worker rump roast special’, 'killer clause carrot cake', and ‘CAS stew’ for those with a hefty appetite for a bitter type of stew, and those not prone to heartburn.

Get your deal today if you are planning a trip to Ontario, call 1-800 Bar a Baby Broker for a select rate, a good lawyer and a legally wise vacation.

Don’t just give your lawyer a high five, bring them with you, it’s the right thing to do.

Source: Facebook