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Walkerton Rally

May 1, 2011 permalink

The first news of Friday's rally in Walkerton is an announcement and an audio clip of problems with CAS (mp3). Zane Sherwood provided a picture.



CAS in Walkerton

There's a rally in Walkerton today calling for more accountability of Ontario's 53 Children's Aid Societies.

The rally goes from 11 AM until 4:30 PM at the Bruce Children's Aid Society office at 5 McGivern St in Walkerton.

"Voices of Innocent Families of Ontario" is putting it on and Founder Lillian Sorko says the protest regards Bill 183.

Sorko says they would like to see some expansion of the current Ombudsman's oversight.

An Ombudsman's report showed that from 2005 to 2010 -- 2201 complaints were filled against Children's Aid Societies in Ontario.

Sorko wants the province and the Ministry of Child and Youth Services to take responsibility of the actions of the Children Aid Societies to hold them accountable.

Sorko add's that Ontario is the only Province in Canada without independent Ombudsman oversight of its CAS's.

Source: 560 CFOS Bayshore Broadcasting

Addendum: A newspaper report on the rally.



Protesters gather in front of Walkerton Children's Aid Society

Protesters carrying signs and megaphones protested in front of the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) in Walkerton at 12:00pm on April 28th to protest Bill 183.

Bill 183 has been an ongoing topic for Parliament and Andre’ Marin, Ombudsman of Ontario. The Bill allows Marin to only oversee the policies that govern the Children and Youth Services, but not investigate the CAS regarding issues involving children, youth and their families in cases of assumed or proven neglect and abuse.

Zane Sherwood of Hanover and CEO for 'Voices of Innocent Families' of Grey-Bruce and Ontario voiced his concerns regarding Bill 183 and its relation to CAS. “We’re trying to prove the CAS is acting wrong, hiding child abuse, taking children away from good parents and refusing the rights of parents and grandparents,” said Sherwood.

The 'Voices of Innocent Families' organization also held a protest at Queen’s Park in front of the office of MPP Laurel Broten, the Minister of Children and Youth Services and Women’s Issues approximately two weeks ago, only to be met by local police and locked doors.

“We’re basically here (Voices of Innocent Families) in a demonstration of commitment,” said Chris Carter a Child Advocate from Cambridge, Ontario, “The child protections system is openly disgusting and they are using children as commodities,” Carter then went on to say that not only does CAS receive $5,000 per child taken into custody, but they are usually taken in on Fridays when the parents are forced to wait two days to seek legal council. Carter also noted that most of these children are taken from single parents, lower income families and those with history’s of mental health issues. “We want the CAS’s gone and the workers charged criminally,” said Carter.

The government has given the Commission to Promote Sustainable Children’s Aid Societies' permission to hold an inquiry, but the inquiry would be “too costly” mentioned Carter.

A verbal argument between the protesters and a CAS worker occurred during the protest in the parking lot, and CAS was not willing to comment on the protest or having the protesters on their (CAS) property. All inquires are being sent to CAS Executive Director Phyllis Lovell at 1-800-263-0106.

The protesters are asking for an inquiry.

Source: Saugeen Times