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May 20, 2011 permalink

When Minnesota father Shane Lewandowski was harassed by a social worker he threatened to harm her with a machete (not the best defense). He was charged with terrorism. Social services cannot distinguish between protective parents and al-Qaeda.



Stillwater man threatens social worker with machete

A 19-year old Stillwater man will appear in Washington County Court this week on charges of terroristic threats and stalking with intent to injure.

Shane Lewandowski allegedly threatened a county social worker on Feb. 3 over the phone after he was told to have his apartment clean for the social worker's scheduled visit the next day.

According to the compliant filed with the Washington County Attroney's Office, Lewandowski referred to the social worker and allegedly stated, "If she comes here, I will slit her ... throat with a machete."

The social worker warned Lewandowski not to make threats and told him a Human Services employee would conduct a site visit the next day since HSI owned the building and they were letting him live there.

According to the complaint, Lewandowski allegedly replied with, ""If you come here tomorrow, there will be no . . . building here because I'm gonna burn it down."

The social worker ended the phone conversation and informed other HSI employees of the incident.

According to the complaint, a Stillwater Police officer had been at Lewandowski's apartment earlier in the day and had seen a large machete on the living room floor. The officer asked Lewandowski why he had the machete and Lewandowski allegedly replied, "for the heck of it."

The complaint stated that officers attempted to contact Lewandowski at his residence after he had made the threats over the phone but he did not come to the door. Officers were not sure if anyone was at the residence.

The social worker then contacted a police officer, telling him that Lewandowski called her again and allegedly asked if she "ratted him out." The social worker told Lewandowski that she had contacted the police and not to make any more threats, according to the complaint.

Lewandowski allegedly replied, "Thanks a lot, you ruined my ... life."

The officers told all parties involved not to have any contact with Lewandowski without an officer being present.

Lewandowski faces felony and gross misdemeanor charges. He could serve up to five years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines for the terroristic threats charge and could service up to one year in prison and up to $1,000 in fines for the stalking with the intent to injure charge if convicted.

Source: Stillwater Gazette