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Pickets at Hospital

June 23, 2011 permalink

Jane Scharf is supporting two people attacked by social services, a man branded as a pedophile by the penile plethysmograph and a mother whose baby is being taken for adoption. According to the story in the press release, for mothers who cannot afford a lawyer family court trials are a sham.



Picket in Ottawa - ROH, Justice Beaudoin, and Ottawa CAS

Picket contact: Jane Scharf: 613-884-9065 or

The following press release was sent out by the coalition of citizens titled "A Coalition to Protect Children from CAS". John Dunn attended the first of at least sixty days of the protest which for a first day was quite impressive.

The Royal Ottawa Hospital sent out staff to attempt to have us go in to resolve the matter. One of the coalition members, Jane Scharf informed them that the coalition members did not participate in the collusion and therefore will not participate in the undoing of the problems and she clarified that the coalition will remain outside for at least two months or until the following demands were met.

  1. That Roger's records and name are corrected and cleared respectively
  2. 2. That Sophie have her child returned to her since she never harmed her baby

For Immediate Release:

Ménage à Trois
Apprehension, Children’s Aid Society- Julie Doust
Royal Ottawa Hospital-Dr. Bradford
Ottawa Courthouse-Judge Beaudoin

A coalition of outraged citizens has formed “A Coalition to Protect Children from CAS” to protect children from wrongdoing by Children's Aid Societies in Ontario (CAS). The coalition is demanding a full public inquiry into collusion1 between CASs, community based agencies, professionals, doctors, lawyers, and both staff and judges of the courts.

The first task of the coalition is to begin a several month-long picket outside of the Royal Ottawa Hospital (ROH) on Monday, June 20, 2011 at 10:00am regarding collusion between the Children's Aid Society lawyer, Julie Daoust, ROH's Dr. John Bradford, and the Courts, namely, Justice Beaudoin.

Some of the picket signs to be used in front of the ROH will read “Artificial Pedophiles Created Here", “Demanding Child Protection from CAS” and “CAS has no oversight”.

The coalition will expose that Dr. Bradford of the ROH has cooperated with the CAS in that he attended court at their request to testify against one of his own mentally delayed patients “Roger X”. Court documents observed by coalition members reveal that Dr. Bradford did so at what the CAS called his “regular fee” resulting in the adoption of “Roger X's” children.

Dr. Bradford testified at court that “Roger X” was a paedophile based on a penis-test (penile plethysmograph) performed by Dr. Bradford despite the fact that “Roger X's” ROH and Police records demonstrate that he has never been accused of, or charged with hurting a child sexually or otherwise.

Dr. Bradford himself has since reported that the penile plethysmograph tests are invalid when used on people who are mentally delayed, yet he has failed to contact and clear “Roger X's” name and to help him be unified with his children. “Roger X” has suffered this outrageous label for a quarter of a century and has had his reputation tarnished in the community to the point of him being subjected to threats of violence and more.

Years later, in 2010, the CAS continued to rely on Dr. Bradford's false diagnosis of “Roger X” to apprehend a newly born baby from a young mother, “Sophie X” in April 2010, because she was associated with “Roger X” at the time of the birth. “Sophie X” is a young, first time mother who never harmed her child, or any other child at any time before or after the apprehension.

For an entire year after her baby was taken into foster care, and as recently as this June, the CAS, the Court through Justice Beaudoin, and Dr. Bradford colluded together to secure the adoption of “Sophie X's” baby boy.

Sophie X had a kangaroo court trial last week."Sophie X"who was self representing was tricked by the Judge into taking the stand without advising her that if she did so all of her evidence that she filed with the court would be rendered invalid.

Before doing so, Justice Beaudoin kicked the one support person "Sophie X" was permitted to have in the court room out claiming that she had made a face. Justice Beaudoin refused to let another support person take her place.

When he got "Sophie X" alone in the court room he coached her to take the stand and tell her side of the story without informing her that if she did so, all of her affidavit evidence and exhibits would be rendered void. She was not called by CAS to go on the stand, nor did she intend on going on the stand herself since her evidence already showed that she was innocent of all claims made by the CAS, that “Roger X” is not a paedophile, that CAS lied in court documents and more.

Justice Beaudoin acted aggressively towards “Sophie X's” witnesses and support persons throughout trial and refused to compel Dr. Bradford to testify when summoned by “Sophie X” to prove that “Roger X” is not a risk to her child.

In addition, Dr. Bradford refused to attend court despite the fact that he was summonsed, and Justice Beaudoin refused to issue a warrant to have him brought to court.

Because of the obvious bias displayed by the Justice Beaudoin throughout the trial, the coalition members are expecting the worst in terms of the CAS adopting out “Sophie X's" child. If this is the case, "Sophie X" intends to appeal for a new trial. If this is required, the coalition will raise money for her defense.


Source: Foster Care News (John Dunn)