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Child Porn Howto

May 30, 2011 permalink

Whippings of teenaged girls detained in Florida were recorded on video for the pleasure of guard Robin Pagoria and her boyfriend.



Prison officer 'tied naked children to a desk, beat them with a paddle then sent videos to boyfriend she met on fetish website'

  • She was Marine veteran who passed mental tests
  • Boyfriend determined the severity of girls' beating
  • Videos show girls 'screaming' in ten minute assaults

A prison officer allegedly filmed herself spanking naked children who she had tied to a desk, then sent the videos to a boyfriend she met online.

Polk County detention deputy Robin Leigh Pagoria stripped the youngsters and handcuffed them to the desk, before beating them with a leather paddle, according to police reports.

Her two victims - described as girls between the ages of 10 and 18 - believed they were being punished. But Pagoria uploaded videos of the beatings recorded on her mobile phone to the internet so her online boyfriend could watch.

Robin Leigh Pagoria
Charged: Polk County detention deputy Robin Leigh Pagoria will stand trial for child abuse

It's alleged that he would determine how severe the beatings should be.

Yesterday Pagoria, 45, a detention deputy for almost six years, was charged with aggravated child abuse, production of child pornography, promotion of child pornography and possession of child pornography.

When interviewed by detectives, Pagoria allegedly told them that she used to spank the girls, but that the beatings had not improved their behaviour.

According to court documents, she told officers she switched to the table and cuffs after 'she decided she needed to do something that would embarrass them so they would learn not to break the rules again.'

Pagoria claimed she videotaped the beatings so she could review her technique, which led her to modify the table and delay the blows for 'maximum burn', her arrest report states.

After the abuse the girls were allegedly forced to stand naked in a corner, which Pagoria said was 'to humiliate them so they would remember what they did wrong and not repeat the same behaviour.'

Pagoria's online boyfriend would determine the severity of the punishment, it is alleged. The boyfriend, who lives in another state, is now also under investigation.

The alleged beatings began three to five months ago in the Florida county, and continued until as recently as May 20.

Evidence of two videos is said to have been found on Pagoria's phone. The victims' genitals and buttocks were the clear 'focal point', deputies said.

Each was about 10 minutes long, according to the sheriff's office, and showed the children screaming and suffering 'substantial' wounds.

Polk County Sheriff Gracy Judd, known for his focus on sexual predators, called Pagoria's alleged behaviour 'outrageous'.

'It's just sickening, it's just absolutely sickening,' he said.

'She hit one of these children 50 times with a whip, and the other one 61 times.

'She videotaped it, she said, so she could "fine tune" her techniques.'

Sheriff Judd said Pagoria worked in housing at the Polk County jail, and was a marine veteran.

He added that his office had reviewed psychological tests from when Pagoria was hired, but that they were clear.

Source: Daily Mail