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Broken Ward

May 27, 2011 permalink

CAS seized a baby at age four months and wants crown wardship. While in CAS care she broke her collarbone and is now in a brace. CAS says she fell, though she is not old enough to stand.



Celeste Hixon Hello my name is bleeding heart. I do not want to use my real name. I'm a young mother who has a baby girl. She has been in foster care since September of last year. Just last week on the 22nd she turned one year. My husband and I did not get to even see her. We got a call on the 24th and the CAS told me there had been an accident at the foster home. She fell by the couch trying to pull herself up. But she can't even walk yet. Any ways they told me that from the fall her collar bone is broken. Plus she has a bruise under her eye. She is in a shoulder back brace. All I could do is cry, my little girl is all broken up. Since she went into care she has been in two foster homes. The first one she had flea bites all over her wee body, she was filthy and her little private had a small cut on it. From what I'm not sure. But now it's a broken collar bone. I don't know what to do, my lawyer is an idiot and is a legal aid lawyer he does not care at all and I can't get rid of him. I have tried but have been refused by the legal aid board. I did not know I could make an appeal. Now thy will not let me even do that. I have nobody legally to help me. It seems every way I turn it's a dead end and my precious baby girl is suffering dearly in the process. My husband and I are at our wits' end. If anyone has any ideas or anything we could try it would most appreciated. Please help us! We're so scared for our little girl.

In the discussion more facts emerged.

CAS allegations against the family: My husbands childhood that he could not help. He was abused. And because we had a spat last year. We have done everything they have asked. Counselling, parent classes.

CAS demand: They want crown wardship. They have wanted that since day one.

Location: I live in Chatham Ontario.

Lawyer: My lawyer is for the CAS he yelled at me yesterday for questioning my daughters injury.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch