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Bayne Story on Radio

March 9, 2011 permalink

roadkill radio

Paul and Zabeth Bayne appeared on Roadkill Radio (mp3) yesterday, giving their story of abuse at the hands of British Columbia. They go over their whole case from the accident precipitating suspicion through the initial apprehension and on to the trial before judge Crabtree. Revealed for the first time: when the ministry removed newborn Josiah from the hospital last month, he was involved in a car accident. The ministry says the baby was unharmed.



8 March 2011 Webcast

Extra! Extra! You’ll want to Hear this!

Join Terry O’Neill, Ron Gray and Kari Simpson

Family vs. State – The Bayne family’s battle with social workers from the Ministry of Destruction

Show #91 Part 2

Download Show #91 Part 2

8:30 – 9:30 pm: PAUL & ZABETH BAYNE Paul & Zabeth are in-studio to share the story of their on-going struggle with the Ministry of Children & Family, to have their four children returned to them. This is an important story that illustrates why the unbridled power of incompetent social workers must be curtailed.

What do we do when the child abuser is the social worker? What do we do when judges hide behind the law, putting their reputations ahead of a child’s best interests? Why are we as tax-payers paying, in excess of, $6000.00 per month to a foster family, when the children’s grandparents are willing to have them? This could be your family. When are we willing to say “enough is enough!”?

Click here for the background on the Bayne family’s plight; this is an excellent and important blog!

Source: Roadkill Radio

Addendum: RoadKill Radio has established a new page RKR launches drive to have the Baynes’ children returned to home and parents.