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Foster Sex

March 9, 2011 permalink

A foster mother has pleaded guilty in Windsor Ontario to sex with her foster son. This anonymous case appears to be the same one reported last year.



Mom pleads guilty in Windsor court to sexually assaulting foster son

Windsor Superior Court
A local woman accused of sexually assaulting her 14-year-old foster son pleaded guilty to the charge Tuesday in Superior Court, pictured.
Photograph by: NICK BRANCACCIO, The Windsor Star

WINDSOR, Ont. -- A local woman accused of sexually assaulting her 14-year-old foster son pleaded guilty to the charge Tuesday in Superior Court.

The woman, who was 45 at the time of the incidents, was charged with sexual assault and sexual interference after her husband saw the pair engaged in a sex act in early 2009.

“She takes full responsibility,” said the woman’s lawyer, Laura Joy. “Keep in mind when she’s in a position of trust and he’s of an age where he couldn’t consent, as a foster mother, clearly this was bad judgment on her part.”

The names of the boy, his parents and his foster parents can’t be published in order to protect the identity of the minor.

Joy said the sexual assault charge comprised three incidents, including two occasions of intercourse and one of fellatio. “He initiated, she rebuked it at first, then went along with it,” Joy said.

The sexual interference charge was later withdrawn.

Joy said the foster mother is a “nice lady” who is “a productive member of the community” and has no criminal record. “This isn’t a lady who’s ever going to be in trouble again,” Joy said. “It’s one of those quite frankly unusual situations. It’s very sad.”

The boy’s biological mother turned her son over to the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society in 2008 when she was in a “fragile” emotional state after her daughter’s suicide, according to court documents. The arrangement was intended to be temporary, and the mother continued to have contact with her son during his foster placement.

The foster father claims to have had no knowledge that his wife was sexually assaulting the boy before he saw them engaged in a sex act. According to court documents, he called the CAS and the police and “took immediate steps” to keep his wife and the boy separated by getting his wife to move out of the house.

In addition to the criminal case against her, the foster mother is facing a $450,000 case launched by the boy’s mother on behalf of her son as well as a $150,000 case launched by the boy’s father. Both of those civil cases also name the foster father and the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society.

The foster father has filed a cross-claim against his wife.

The lawyer representing the boy’s mother said Tuesday’s guilty plea wasn’t a surprise. “The guilty plea was kind of obvious,” said Sam Mossman. “We expected it.”

Mossman said unlike the foster father and the CAS, the foster mother hasn’t filed a defence.

He said the boy was immediately removed from the foster home when the CAS was notified of the allegations and is now living at home with his mother and attending school.

Sentencing for the foster mother will take place in May.

Source: Windsor Star