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Children's Wrongs Inc

March 30, 2011 permalink

Children's Rights Inc (CR), led by Marcia Lowry, has started a lawsuit against the child protection system of Texas. Past lawsuits initiated by CR have established a pattern sure to be repeated in Texas. The suit starts with a long list of horror stories of individual foster children. Since they are obtained before the case reaches the discovery stage, they were fed to CR by the child protectors in an act of collusion. After years of litigation, a settlement will be reached that requires hiring more social workers and providing more public funding for social workers and foster parents. Of course, CR will get a large monetary award from the taxpayers as their reward for conducting the litigation. The end result for children will be worse, since more children will be taken from their real families to fill the new foster homes.

Here is the complaint in the Texas case (pdf). On pages 5 to 30 you can read authentic stories of abuse suffered by foster children in Texas, and everywhere else.