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Career for Voyeur

March 12, 2011 permalink

Alberta child worker Jason Keough took advantage of the master/slave relationship between social workers and children to force teenagers to engage in sex for his video library. In one case he forced a boy by threatening to put his girlfriend in foster care. In another news report a young woman says finding out Jason Keough had a sexual video of her robbed her of her self-worth, and left her with “a disgusting feeling ... almost like you shower and shower but you never get clean.” Social work is the perfect career path for perverts.



Crown wants child worker jailed on porn charges

Former high-school counsellor and child protection worker Jason Keough should go to jail for exploiting three young couples for his own sexual purposes, a sentencing hearing in Edmonton was told Friday.

"Keough exploited the young couples through and through," said Crown prosecutor Diane Hollinshead.

Jason Keough
Jason Keough, outside court in 2008, will be sentenced on porn charges on May 6.

The couples he exploited were children, she said, and Keough was the only real adult in the room when the sex tapes were made.

Keough was convicted in January on two counts of possessing child pornography and one count each of copying voyeuristic materials and voyeurism.

The trial heard how Keough owned tapes of three young couples having sex, made over a three-year period between January 2005 and the fall of 2008.

The court was told Keough paid one young man to videotape himself and his girlfriend having sex. The girl, 15 at the time, was not aware she was on camera.

Another man testified Keough threatened to have his girlfriend put into foster care unless the couple made sex tapes.

No sign of remorse: Crown

Hollinshead told the judge Keough shows no sign of remorse or insight.

She asked that Keough be sentenced to 15 to 18 months in jail followed by up to three years probation.

"Voyeurism in not a victimless crime," she said. "It's a complete violation of a person's dignity. Voyeurism is privacy invasion at a most personal level and it can have lasting effects. It causes us to be suspicious of others.

"If he doesn't go to jail it would send out the wrong message — that voyeurism isn't serious."

Keough appeared to listen intently, leaning forward in the prisoner's box, as Hollinshead spoke.

Keough's lawyer, Anna Konye, asked the judge to give her client a 45-day prison sentence for the pornography convictions, and a suspended sentence for the voyeurism convictions. She argued the couples in the videotapes were engaging in consensual sex.

Sentencing will take place on May 6.

Source: CBC