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Expecting CAS

March 18, 2011 permalink

A woman who is 37 weeks pregnant with her first child is already under surveillance. Children's aid has told her they will be taking the baby at birth. You can communicate with this expectant mother through Yahoo.

Since CR has been referred to fixcas, here is our suggestion. Remove yourself and your baby from Ontario as soon as possible and arrange for a home birth (see our help page).




37 weeks pregnant and childrens aid are involved?

So i recently just found out that someone has called Childrens aid on me. I will give as much information as i can.

This is my FIRST pregnancy. I concieved in June 2010. Recieved a June, July an August period. (They were all normal) September i had a period for 15minutes and it was gone. October and November i did not recieve a period and had thought i lost my period due to stress. From June to November i was drinking. I found out november that i was 24 weeks pregnant. Right there i stopped drinking.

I have made it to every gyn appointment. Done what i was supposed to. I am now 37 weeks + 2 days.

I have spoke with childrens aid twice. Today they called me and told me i would not be bringing my baby home because i would not go in a home for pregnant women. And that they find me an unfit mother because of that.

Under what grounds can they tell me that i am an unfit mother when my baby is not here yet?

What is the best way for me to fight this?

I want to be able to raise my baby.

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Sweetie contact a lawyer and legal aid immediately. CAS is corrupt!! They want your baby because there are so many adopted parents out there and not enough babies. DO NOT talk to them and answer questions. Get a lawyer outside your area. Have a tape recorder or video camera with you when and if you meet with them. You are doing nothing illegal by taping it it is your right. Since you are so close to the due date the CAS will have put out a watch at the hospital and they will notify the CAS as soon as the child is born. They will go to court the day the child is born and get the judge to give them an emergency protective order the same day. This will allow them to confiscate the child. They will not fool around! Do you have parents/family to help you? Get them involved. Now.Where do you live? I will give you some sites to look up (Voices of Innocent families (I am with the Bruce Grey division---find this on facebook I am an administrator click on me for facebook and write me a message (Lisa) I will help you hon) there is and I will give you some more. HANG IN THERE. You might want to think about leaving town if you go into labour very shortly before we have a chance to do anything yet.. Have the baby at another hospital. If they get the baby you are looking at months and close to a yr before the protective hearing.

Source: Yahoo Answers