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Bracebrige Children Stolen

January 17, 2011 permalink

Canada Court Watch posts the story of a Muskoka mother stripped of her children by CAS in Bracebridge Ontario. The mother names herself in the video as Terry Wheeler.



Another story of abuse of a family by the Muskoka CAS

(Jan 7, 2011) For the past few months Canada Court Watch has been reporting on the story of three children who were wrongfully taken from their loving family by the Muskoka CAS.

Since the public meeting was held in November at the Canadian Legion, other parents, children and family members have contacted Court Watch to report abuse of their families by the same Muskoka CAS. Many of the workers at the Muskoka CAS are working in violation to the Social Work and Social Work Act (1998) in Ontario.

A new video of a parent who is still fighting for justice after having her children taken from her by the CAS has just been posted by Canada Court Watch. Visit the link below to see this mother's video interview outside of the courthouse in Bracebridge, Ontario.

vimeo (local copy mp4).

Viewers should stay tuned as more interviews of others who have been wrongfully abused by the system will be posted in the weeks and months to come. Changes to Ontario's child welfare system are most desperately needed.

Source: Canada Court Watch