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Don't Look for Your Kids

February 19, 2011 permalink

After Emily Ward lost her children to Idaho child protectors, she tried to find them by interviewing students at a local school. Police claim she used force to detain the students have have charged the mother with kidnapping.



Mom charged with kidnapping says she just wanted to find her kids

Emily Ward

COEUR D'ALENE -- A Coeur d’Alene mom has been arrested on kidnapping charges. Emily Ward picked up three teenagers in Rathdrum. She says she needed their help finding her kids, who have recently been removed from her care and put in a foster home.

35-year-old Ward was emotional in jail Friday. Police arrested her Thursday around 10 p.m. on kidnapping charges. Ward showed up at Lakeland Middle School on Tuesday and picked up three teenagers. Police say she ordered them into her car and asked them to show her where her own children lived now and where their bus stop was.

Police say she dropped the teens back off at school about 40 minutes later. Wards says she didn’t kidnap the girls. But police had to increase security at area schools when Ward showed up on Wednesday morning at Betty Keifer Elementary looking for one of her kids. Ward claims the girls helped her on their own.

Ward’s children have been removed from her care. Court documents show she was charged with injury to a child in January and her husband, Michael, was arrested for DUI last weekend.

Police say security has lightened up at Rathdrum schools now that Ward is behind bars. The school district did sent out letters to parents notifying them of the situation at the time.

Ward is charged with second degree kidnapping, which is a felony.

Source: Northwest Cable News