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Group Home Failure

February 24, 2011 permalink

A teenaged girl is out of control, clubbing a woman in Burlington Ontario and assaulting another woman in Moosonee. Since the Burlington incident was in the course of an escape from a group home, this girl is the dysfunctional product of CAS care. The courts have responded with the treatment least likely to cure: jail time.



Teen clobbers group home worker with figurine

TIMMINS, Ont. — A 16-year-old girl with a history of using ceramic items as a weapon, was warned by a Timmins judge that she might end up killing someone if she doesn’t change her violent ways.

The girl admitted to clubbing a group home worker in the head with a porcelain figurine to escape a youth detention facility in Burlington, Ont.

Also, in October, the teen came up behind an unsuspecting woman in Moosonee, Ont., smashed a bowl into her face and then started punching and kicking her.

Assistant Crown attorney Dale Cox said the victim had several deep gashes in her face and was “bleeding profusely” from the attack.

Cox said the incidents reflect a “troubling pattern of assaultive behaviour.”

Judge Ralph Carr agreed. “Someone could have been killed,” he said in court.

The teen pleaded guilty to two counts of assault and one count of breaching a condition of release requiring that she not consume alcohol.

The teen received a sentence of 74 days in custody to be followed by one year of probation.

Source: CNews