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Smith Out

February 1, 2011 permalink

Dr Charles Smith has been stripped of his license to practice medicine in Ontario. Fitting in view of the number of people falsely convicted on his testimony, and the larger number of children deprived of their parents. Of course, many other medical professionals and legal professionals participated in the witch-hunt that tagged every parent as a child-abuser. The rest of that juggernaut remains intact after dismissing Dr Smith.



Disgraced pathologist in Mullins-Johnson case has licence stripped

Disgraced pathologist Dr. Charles Smith has been stripped of his licence to practise medicine by Ontario's College of Physicians and Surgeons.

And the disciplinary panel has ordered Smith to appear in person to receive his stern reprimand.

After hearing six emotional victim impact statements from people wrongfully convicted on the basis of Smith's "erroneous" findings, the regulatory body threw the book at the discredited forensic pathologist.

"Charles Smith is a disgrace to the medical profession and humanity itself," wrote Maria Shepherd, who was convicted of manslaughter in the death of her stepdaughter Kasandra.

"Because of him, my life and the lives of my family would never be the same. "

Added Brenda Waudby, wrongfully arrested in the death of her daughter Jenna Mellor, "the College cannot punish you enough for what you have done. "

Smith failed to show for his disciplinary hearing Tuesday morning.

"This man should be here," said Randy Mellor, father of 21-month-old Jenna who died in 1997.

Smith's lawyer Jane Langford indicated that he will plead no contest to charges of professional misconduct and incompetence as a former pediatric pathologist in criminally suspicious deaths of children.

In the agreed statement of facts, Smith admits he displayed a "lack of knowledge, skill or judgment" as a forensic pathologist relied upon to send many to prison.

His conclusions were "contrary or not supported by the pathological findings" and he "misinterpreted autopsy findings. His victims were angry that Smith did not show up to face the hearing in person.

Smith will receive his reprimand at the college on March 25 at 9 a.m.

Source: Sault Star