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CAS Supported Home May Close

January 28, 2011 permalink

Rosewood House, a non-profit home in Brantford, may have to close after the withdrawal of $150 per child-day funding from children's aid. The home is looking for local government funding instead. One alternative never mentioned: leaving clients with mom and dad.



Rosewood House seeks funding

Rosewood House, Brantford Ontario
Rosewood House
Photographer: Sean Allen

Rosewood House may have to close its doors in 2011 if a new stream of funding is not found for the home that serves Brantford residents with mental health issues.

"Unless this issue is addressed, I am going to be advising the board at some point this year that Rosewood House may have to close,” executive director Tim Philp told city council at this week’s budget meeting.

Philp said the not-for-profit organization found itself in dire straits when a funding arrangement for $150 per day, per resident with the Children's Aid Society was no longer available. That funding arrangement was ended during the summer through a provincial policy decision.

Rosewood House currently offers programming for 15 residents.

“We found ourselves in an embarrassing financial situation and that has caused us to take a lot of rather drastic steps,” Philp said. “I had to do a lot of layoffs and cutbacks.”

Philp said the funding gap has not been made up and Rosewood House is turning to the city for help. He asked that the rate the city pays to Rosewood for a client be increased from $73 to $90 per day.

The home receives the funding only if there is someone occupying a bed. The annual funding could add up to a maximum of $492,000, if Rosewood House is at capacity all year.

“Rosewood serves some of the most vulnerable in our community,” Philp said.

The director of another mental health home in Brantford followed up Philp’s presentation to council with a plea of her own.

George Street Manor director Carol Ann Woods said her facility does not provide programming for clients, but houses 17 special needs residents on a much tighter budget.

“We’ve been running on $30 a day per client,” Woods said. “I’ve tried every avenue I’ve every known to get help.”

Woods said she was shocked when she recently found out that the city funds Rosewood House. She had a single request for councillors.

“I’m here to ask for, please, just the same,” Woods said. “Please.”

Mayor Chris Friel asked Woods to provide the city with financial records and other relevant documents as soon as possible.

Source: Brant News